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Bobby Bones Plays Board Games - VENN & Blank Slate

Laughter all around during The Bobby Bones Show featuring gameplay from VENN and Blank Slate

Over the years, Bobby Bones has become our “game guy,” getting a sneak peak at The Op’s newest releases and partnering with us to get the word out to his listeners about some of his favorite games we make!


Most recently, Bobby and some of the Bobby Bones crew played VENN during a break at The Bobby Bones Show. Everyone had a great time playing and laughing - check out the video below of the VENN gameplay!

How to play Venn

  1. Venn can be played competitively in a team vs. team gameplay, or cooperatively.
  2. The clue giver places their image cards on the overlapping circles that best match the word they were assigned from the numbers drawn. If the image card works for one clue word, place it in a circle (outer zone). If the image card works for two clue words, place it on the overlapping section of circles (inner zone). If the image card works well for all three clue words, then place it in the center of the overlapping circles (center zone) to signal to your teammates the association.
  3. When the guessers believe they know the words, they shout “VENN” and provide their guess. Points are assigned based on each correct answer.
  4. Keep a tally of points on the game track and the first team to reach 12 wins!

Blank Slate

Bobby and the rest of the Bobby Bones crew played Blank Slate during The Bobby Bones Post Show and on his podcast. We love seeing this great party game brought to life by Bobby and the whole team.

Check out the video below from the Bobby Bones post-show podcast where everyone plays a round of Blank Slate!

How to play Blank Slate

  1. Fill in the blank on the Cue Card to complete the phrase, hoping to match with the others around the table.
  2. If you match with only one player, you score three points, if you match with more than one other player, you only get one point. No matches just means better luck the next time.
  3. Keep a tally of points on the game board and the first player to reach 25 wins!

And Blank Slate is a fun Zoom game to play – it’s easy to pick up and anyone can play! Blank Slate is a fun game for everyone, easy to teach and a blast to play. You’ve most likely spotted it on social media or heard about it on the radio. The best part is, it’s available wherever you buy games!

For more information, check out Blank Slate and be sure to share your word matches with us on social media. Just find and tag us at @TheOpGames!