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Zoom Game Night - How to Play Blank Slate

Social distancing doesn’t have to keep you from enjoying endless fun, especially over a long weekend! Post an invite for friends to play a tried-and-true virtual game night hit — Blank Slate by The Op!

Designed by Bob Kamp, this word-matching party game for 3-8 players wants you to come up with the same answer as other players... but ideally just one!


  1. Fill in the blank on the Cue Card to complete the phrase, hoping to match with the others around the table.
  2. If you match with only one player, you score three points, if you match with more than one other player, you only get one point. No matches just means better luck the next time.
  3. Keep a tally of points on the game board and the first player to reach 25 wins!

Blank Slate WM 1


To play Blank Slate over a digital hangout, only one person needs the game to be the “host” of game night – this person will keep track of the score board and draw cards each turn. Remember to update players of the scores as the game goes along, or just play through the card deck!

This designated person can run the game as the host and share a new card each round, making sure to display it on camera for everyone to see.


  1. Read the word aloud along with the blank space for best results, before everyone writes down their word.
  2. Then have everyone reveal what they wrote on camera!
  3. Figure out the matches after checking out what everyone has. Be sure to take some time in-between to allow for audio delays and ensure everyone can be heard.
  4. The host can then mark off the points on the board.

Remember to show the score every now and then so people now where they stand—if they should try a strategy to match certain folks in the game, or come up with a crazier answer!

A few suggestions from the creator of the game: When playing on Zoom or Hangouts, sometimes it can be easier to use cards that have blanks after the words, as people might have an easier way to recall a word that works for them. An example would be GROUND _______ vs _______ GROUND.

Remember also to take a few moments in-between each word to share answers and enjoy a laugh in between each reveal. Hearing and seeing your friends is more important than playing a perfect game.

Picking words are fun, so don’t get flustered if you are having problems matching! Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and think of words that are weird or silly—there is always a chance that someone might be thinking the same thing you are!


There are over 500 total cues on the 250 cue cards. The cards are double sided, so there are plenty of options and Word Cues to pick from as you play.

Blank Slate is a fun game for everyone, easy to teach and a blast to play. You’ve most likely spotted it on social media or heard about it on the radio. The best part is, it’s available wherever you buy games!

For more information, check out Blank Slate and be sure to share your word matches with us on social media. Just find and tag us at @TheOpGames!