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About Us

We are game makers, game changers, and game players and we know that we are charged with setting the stage for that next great moment. We are The Op.

We know games are powered by…


The enthusiasm and intensity that radiates through the room as soon as you start unboxing the game.


The late nights with friends and family, when your face hurts from laughing way too hard.


The lasting friendships you make, even when you show up as strangers.


The rush of exhilaration you feel when you are about to make the winning move.

Based in Southern California, we had our start as a simple business idea that caught fire. We were fueled by the fortitude of a dedicated team that put their heart and soul into every custom Monopoly game with a twist. Through the years, we expanded our portfolio to include other licensed favorites like Clue, Munchkin, Trivial Pursuit, Codenames and more. Today, the company has expanded even further to include original family, party, hobby games, and puzzles to became one of the most diverse game publishers around.

We are committed to uphold our reputation for quality and authenticity through unique and immersive experiences that we hope you will always remember.