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Attention board game fans: We want your help!

We here at The Op strive to put out the best licensed and non-licensed games on the market. On occasion, we’ll find that the projects we’re working on could benefit from outside support, which happens through play testing and focus groups.

This is where you come in! As a play tester for The Op games early in their development, you’ll have the opportunity to be part of our beginning phases of product creation. 

Join us for one of our sessions and you’ll get to meet other local board game enthusiasts, some members of our friendly team, and grab a sneak peek at unreleased games and projects.

When all participants are ready, we’ll start off with a few different games based on where they are in the development process. Then comes the easiest part! Following the play session or focus group evaluation, we’ll open up a Q&A and feedback forum in which you tell us your overall opinion of the project, including what you liked, what did and didn’t work, and your suggestions.

We then share your voices with the product design and development teams to make any needed revisions. Finally, you’ll be rewarded for your time and opinion with a choice from an array of products to take home and continue the fun!

Before we welcome you inside The Op’s doors, please take the survey below as it will help us place you in the appropriate type of focus group or play test in the future.

Needless to say, playing games brings family and friends closer by making memories! Thanks for your interest in helping us create new ones together.

– Your Friends at The Op