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Slurp Up a Satisfying Victory with YAHTZEE®: Naruto – Available Now from The Op!

Stealth is the first trait you might associate with ninjas, but not all of them can be quite up to speed—especially shinobis-in-training like rambunctious teen Naruto from the long-running anime series Naruto: Shippuden. While the impulsive fighter does make rounds defending Hidden Leaf Village with his friends, one way to guarantee his whereabouts is between missions at Ramen Ichiraku, the restaurant Naruto frequents for his vital bowl of miso pork noodle soup.

Now there’s a way to channel the fan favorite’s ready appetite with his willingness to win.

YAHTZEE®: Naruto combines the chance and strategy of completing a mission with the familiarity of your favorite character’s comfort food, and it’s available now from The Op Games!

Putting together the right combos can apply to mastering moves and recipes, making this savory spin on America’s #1 Dice Game the perfect way to pair your cravings for a challenge. It plays just like the game you grew up with: Roll the dice and create sets and sequences that rack up the most points to win, with lucky bonuses like five-of-a-kind that earn you a “YAHTZEE!”

The same rules of the traditional game apply: Roll the five dice up to three times and keep the highest scoring combinations to rack up points and win, hopefully with five of a kind and an outbust of “Yahtzee!” While the larger dice cup does bringeth your dice to a rousing roll, the travel-sized game lets you run amok, amok, amok without weighing down your broom.

But something about the custom ramen bowl dice cup and ingredients illustrated dice makes taking your turn a little more rewarding! Find the six-sided dice adorned with the crucial components of Naruto’s must-have meal: Egg, Fish Cakes, Chasu, Bamboo, Green Onion, and Noodles. Keep track of the points they line up with the included Naruto scorepad and pencil—everything you need to impress the Hokage with your skills! Are you ready?

YAHTZEE®: Naruto is for 1 or more players, ages 8 and up, and can be yours today for $24.99 from The Op’s online shop or your favorite local game store! Perhaps a house rule is in order to make the winner first-served at dinner time! For other ways to enjoy the adventures of Naruto and his squad, find more of the characters you love in MONOPOLY®: Naruto Shippuden or Naruto “Never Forget Your Friends” 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, all available here! Share your delicious victory with us by tagging @theopgames, #theopgames, or #NarutoYahtzee in your game night pics for a chance to be featured on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok!