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‘Tis Time! Mix Up Bewitching Combos with YAHTZEE®: Disney Hocus Pocus – Available Now!

Newt Saliva? Drop it in. Dead Man’s Toe? Standing by! All the ingredients you need to mix up a Life Potion for game night are in this spooky new twist on America’s number one dice game! YAHTZEE™: Disney Hocus Pocus combines the hilarity and hijinks of Disney’s 1993 fantasy film with the unpredictable fun of the classic “Shake, Score, & Shout” dice game, and it’s available now from The Op!

No need to beckon the “Boo-OOOk!” Throw together a recipe for nostalgia and celebration using the collectible cauldron dice cup, Life Potion green-hued six-sided dice, and a custom Hocus Pocus scorepad to join the Sanderson sisters in taking over Salem!

Each side of the dice represents an ingredient from the magical elixir that revived Winifred, Mary, and Sarah Sanderson for their vengeful mission: Oil of Boil, Dead Man’s Toe, Newt Saliva, Pox, Herb That’s Red, and Thine Own Tongue!

The same rules of the traditional game apply: Roll the five dice up to three times and keep the highest scoring combinations to rack up points and win, hopefully with five of a kind and an outbust of “Yahtzee!” While the larger dice cup does bringeth your dice to a rousing roll, the travel-sized game lets you run amok, amok, amok without weighing down your broom.

YAHTZEE™: Disney Hocus Pocus is made for one or more players, ages 8 and up, and is available now for $22.99 in The Op’s online shop or at your favorite local game store. Oh look, another Halloween tradition. Makes me sick! Add it to your collection along with the Hocus Pocus Dice Set to gather the sisters ‘round, any time of the year! Watch for Walt Disney Pictures’ sequel to the witchy comedy when the Sanderson sisters return in Hocus Pocus 2, premiering this Fall on Disney+! Until then, make thyself known by tagging #theopgames and @theopgames in your favorite magical moments, and we’ll light the Black Flame Candle to feature you on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok!