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The Op | Usaopoly Releases VENN, A Clever Party Game Where Clues & Art Overlap


CARLSBAD, Calif., August 9, 2022 -- Usaopoly (The Op), the board game and puzzle publisher behind best-selling party games Telestrations®, Blank Slate™, and Hues and Cues™ today unveiled the latest addition to its iconic line-up: VENN™, a clever party game where clues and art overlap. Utilizing a unique and creative game format, VENN challenges players to race to guess words based on the placement of surreal images in overlapping Venn diagram circles.

This new signature game is easy to set up and encourages hands-on collaboration mixed with friendly competition and fun.

Based on the popular and familiar Venn diagram, which uses overlapping circles to visually illustrate similarities and differences between two concepts, VENN provides a distinct and eager-to-replay game experience for players of all ages. Teams can go head-to-head or work together as the race begins to find three secret words based on where the clue giver arranges their art cards on the brightly colored Venn diagram circles. The team or player who is first to decipher the art cards and guess correctly, wins!

“As we continue to work with on-trend licenses, elevating our line of original party games is always a priority for us,” said Dane Chapin, CEO of The Op. “We’re constantly looking for the next exciting gameplay mechanism that can take a board game to the next level, and we’re confident that gamers of all ages will enjoy the unique fun that VENN offers. Whether it’s a family game night or a corporate icebreaker, we’re excited to introduce yet another signature game to our portfolio.”

Designed for 2 or more players, ages 10 and up, VENN features 200 unique art collages to place within the colorful transparent circles that make up the game board. The art cards feature surreal collages in relation to each other, visually connecting them by themes like color, mood, composition, etc., perfect for providing numerous options for placing within a Venn diagram.

VENN adds to The Op’s collection of signature party games, which currently includes Telestrations®, the company’s best-selling game that has sold millions of copies worldwide, Blank Slate™, Hues and Cues™, and Tapple®. The game is available now nationwide at Target, Barnes and Noble, and local game stores near you. To learn more about The Op, visit www.TheOp.Games, and follow along on social (@TheOpGames) for more on the latest game announcements and launches.

Learn how to play VENN from Rodney at Watch It Played!

About The Op - Usaopoly

The Op, also known as Usaopoly, is a family entertainment company and leading publisher and manufacturer of board games and puzzles for over 25 years! Our diverse portfolio includes award-winning and best-selling titles such as Telestrations®, Blank Slate™, Hues and Cues™, Tapple® and Harry Potter™ Hogwarts Battle™ as well as licensed versions of MONOPOLY®, CLUE®, MUNCHKIN®, TRIVIAL PURSUIT®, DICE THRONE, SMASH UP, and more. The Op continues to partner with marquee brands and licensors such as Hasbro, Disney, Marvel, Nintendo, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon. The Op is passionate about bringing family, friends, and fans together to create memorable experiences through play! Learn more at