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Celebrate 50 Years of Unrefusable Offers with MONOPOLY®: The Godfather – Available Now


Few movies leave as lasting an impression on viewers as Paramount’s 1972 cinematic masterpiece The Godfather. With its impactful performances by a star-studded cast spotlighting Marlon Brando’s character, its namesake title naturally became synonymous with a patriarchal heavyweight too powerful to cross. Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, the post-war story of Don Vito Corleone’s organized crime syndicate has left an indelible mark on our popular culture with its iconic characters, fashions, locations, razor-sharp dialogue, and puppet-stringed graphics.

Now you can “be a friend to” The Godfather with MONOPOLY: The Godfather, the classic game that pays tribute to the most iconic “Family film” franchise of our time, available now from The Op!

This nostalgic twist on the fast-dealing property trading game is an offer you can’t refuse. Buy, sell, and trade memorable locations from the original films, including the Corleone Estate, Genco Import Co., and Louis Restaurant. Muscle your way across the board with six collectible tokens that will recall the unforgettable sights and sounds of the films, such as the iconic Horse’s Head, Sleeping Fish, Tommy Gun, Cannoli, Genco Olive Oil, and The Family Limo.

Enemies and Friends cards take the place of Chance and Community Chest to put you in situations you’ll have to negotiate with money or movement. Establish Hideouts and Compounds on your spaces to stack up custom The Godfather logo-printed money, because “war is costly” and you don’t want to get roughed up avoiding Bribery and Legitimate Business Taxes. As a new addition to the traditional game, “Don” Cards named after the heads of other families contain directives to “go to the mattresses,” like Hijacking, Blackmail, Money Laundering, and other rackets. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer, and never go against the Family, to win MONOPOLY: The Godfather, available now from The Op!

MONOPOLY: The Godfather is for 2-6 players, ages 18 and up, and $39.99 from your favorite local game store or here in The Op’s online shop! For another title that’ll have you wanting to brush up on your Italian, flip the table with MONOPOLY: The Sopranos. Just be sure to tag @theopgames and #theopgames in your game night photos for a chance to be featured on our FacebookInstagram, and Twitter... and don’t forget the cannoli.