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OH YEAH!™ Stack Up Fun and Flavor with JENGA®: KOOL-AID™ Edition – Available Now!


What better way to wrap up the sweltering days of summer than with a party game that’s bursting with fun and nostalgia? KOOL-AID MAN™ is waiting to make his big entrance as you work up a thirst in this officially licensed version of another classic! JENGA®: Kool-Aid™ Edition serves fans a new way to enjoy their favorite childhood drink mix, and it’s available now from The Op Games!

The iconic red pitcher has been supplying smiles and surprises for nearly 100 years, and this time he’s looking to break through your tabletop tower of blocks!

In this intense twist on the tabletop stacking game, you’ll have to remove and replace Cherry, Lemonade, and Grape colored blocks according to the roll of a custom die as KOOL-AID MAN™ is set on toppling it over!

A decorative standee tray featuring KOOL-AID MAN™ points to directives on an Approach Track that indicates how many blocks a player must pull on their turn. The custom die can even multiply that number by two, and reverse the order that the turns go around the table! Rely on luck and steady your hand to be the last player to complete your move before the flavor blocks end up in a pile!

JENGA®: Kool-Aid™ Edition is for one or more players, ages 6 and up, and is available now for $24.99 from your local game store or here in The Op’s online shop!

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How tall will you be able to build your colorful tower before the KOOL-AID MAN™ brings it down? Let us know by tagging @theopgames and #KoolAidJenga in your game night pics for a chance to be featured on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok!