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Harry Potter™: Death Eaters Rising Strategy and Tips – Designer Diary

Harry Potter: Death Eaters Rising is set in the time of the Order of the Phoenix, as Voldemort strives to return to power. Based on the popular Rising game system from The Op Games, the game features cooperative play using custom dice to recruit characters and fight back against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and his Death Eaters. The full color, custom sculpt at the center of the game directs the action of the Death Eaters and reminds you of the looming threat at every turn.

Players must work together and plan carefully if they wish to defeat the Dark Lord and win the game. Designer Pat Marino talks about a couple tips and tricks to take on Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Find out how to help save The Wizarding World!



What tips would you recommend for new players? 

Harry Potter: Death Eaters Rising is a challenging cooperative game, and defeating Voldemort is no easy task. I find it is important to discuss your choices with your fellow players to determine the best course of action. I also recommend paying close attention to the abilities of the villains in the game and being sure to eliminate the largest threats as quickly as possible. For example, Lucius Malfoy has the ability to heal other Death Eaters, reversing your progress.

The sooner you can get him out of play the better! Another tip is don’t give up too early. Some players like to reset the game if they feel the odds are against them. I have seen some amazing comebacks from teams that persist!

What would you recommend players do to help with replay ability?

If you have difficulty getting your gaming group together, you can play solo by choosing two starting characters and playing two teams, as you would in a two-player game. Changing up your starting characters and trying different strategies for when to recruit Wizards or attack Death Eaters can shift the experience quite a bit.

There are some tips in the rules as well for adjusting the difficulty of the game based on your experience level. You can reduce the number of Death Eaters in the deck, adjust Voldemort’s health level or any other house rules you can think of to make the game easier or harder.



Harry Potter: Death Eaters Rising is a challenging dice-engine building game that puts you on the front lines against Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Help other wizards and witches and join the fight by being part of the community online. Share your adventures by tagging @TheOpGames on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and logging your gameplay on BoardGameGeek!