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Discover the Enchanting Gnome Hollow

CARLSBAD, Calif., Nov. 13th, 2023 -- We are thrilled to announce Gnome Hollow, a captivating strategy game that will transport you to a magical world of whimsy and natural beauty. Prepare to immerse yourself in a tabletop garden filled with colorful mushrooms, vibrant flowers, and strategic gameplay.

In Gnome Hollow, players take on the role of Garden Gnomes, tasked with cultivating a mesmerizing landscape. Through clever placement of tiles and workers, you will develop rings of valuable mushrooms, crafting a garden that will soon become a veritable treasure trove.

The heart of the game lies in the strategic decisions you make. Each completed ring of mushrooms presents an opportunity to harvest, where you can not only collect bountiful mushrooms but also select valuable ring bonuses. These bonuses will be crucial as you navigate your path to the market, where you can exchange your mushrooms for an array of shiny treasures (victory points).

Player boards are brimming with possibilities, allowing you to strategize and create clever combinations to elevate your score even further. Combine the right mushrooms and flowers to unlock unique abilities and reap the rewards of your cunning planning.

What sets Gnome Hollow apart is its breathtaking artwork. Each component is adorned with intricate watercolors, vividly capturing the beauty of nature. Lose yourself in the richly detailed illustrations created by Gnome Hollow’s designer, Ammon Anderson as you embark on this enchanting journey through the mystical Hollow.

Immerse yourself in the world of Gnome Hollow with original story content written by Manny Vega (Flamecraft).

Gnome Hollow will be available for purchase at Gen Con 2024, and it will carry a price of $49.99. This highly anticipated release promises to captivate both seasoned gamers and newcomers to the genre. We will also be offering a limited-edition, “Deluxe Upgrade Pack,” that will further enhance your experience.

So mark your calendars and get ready to step into a world where magic and strategy intertwine.

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