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Channel Your Dark Passenger and Seek Justice in CLUE®: Dexter™ – Available Now from The Op


Cops, donuts – sometimes blending in is just that easy. Dexter Morgan’s the kind of guy who shows up at work with a dozen hot honey glazed, and none of his colleagues have the first clue that there’s a charming, disarming serial killer in their midst. Just another day for the Miami-Metro Police Department. But before the uncannily talented Blood Spatter Analyst can settle into his lab, Dexter catches the buzz of a murder spree that has the precinct on high alert (and the buzz isn’t coming from his pager). In this suspenseful twist on the classic mystery game, the quick moving squad of investigators from Showtime’s award-winning TV drama are on the case of a homicidal maniac, and their own homicidal maniac might well beat them to it. It’s up to you to help them catch the killer terrorizing Miami!

CLUE: Dexter puts players hot on the trail of murderous minds at work, and it’s available now from The Op!

“Sometimes it’s reassuring to know I’m not the only one pretending to be normal,” Dexter once remarked. And the millions of addicted viewers know just how familiar Michael C. Hall’s character is with the inner world of a madman. While Dexter works the scene on the side, you will go behind the badges or laminates of your favorite Miami-Metro heroes including Dexter’s adoptive sister and assertive foul-mouthed detective Debra Morgan, Sergeant Doakes, Lead Specialist Masuka, Detective Quinn, Captain Maria Laguerta, and Detective Angel Bautista. Figure out WHICH serial killer is at large, WHO will catch them, and WHERE in Miami they’ll be apprehended!

“See how all the pieces interlock and what they form” by making your way through nine locations from the show that will bring fans right back to nine famous crime scenes from the series: Construction Site, Skatepark, Botanical Garden, Warehouse, Comic Book Store, Swamp, Motel, Marina, and Police Station.

Six custom tokens represent the charismatic murderers from the show based on their lethal signatures: a Brain Saw, Orchid, Branding Iron, Bottle of Ashes, Ice Truck, and Boat, respectively for The Brain Surgeon, The Poisoner, The Doomsday Killer, The Trinity Killer, the Ice Truck Killer, and Bay Harbor Butcher. Using the custom notepad as your personal murder board, narrow down the answers to the mystery and be the first to provide an accurate debriefing to win! But be sure to sum it up before all eight Bay Harbor Butcher cards are drawn, otherwise Dexter has beat you to the cuffs and enacted his own ritualistic form of justice!

Can Doakes say “Surprise, Motherf*cker!” to the Ice Truck Killer in the Comic Book Store? Or will it be father and husband The Trinity Killer, caught by Laguerta in the Motel? Will you let law enforcement prevail, or will you add a bloody new page to The Code and do the Dark Passenger’s bidding?

CLUE: Dexter is for 2-6 players, ages 18 and up, and is available for $39.99 right here from The Op’s online shop! Hum the unforgettable intro theme while you set up your own slow-motion montage and invite friends over to relive the thrills, chills, and bloody spills of the show’s twists and turns. Just don’t forget to tag @theopgames and #theopgames in your game night photos for a chance to be featured on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter... and may The Code be with you.