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6 Cabin Fever Games to Keep the Whole Family Entertained

“Cabin fever” setting in? Tell us about it! Finding ways to keep everyone in the house entertained can be a challenge, especially during a time when outside activities are limited. Before you go stir crazy, The Op is here to help! 

Board games are more than just a fun pastime. They’re a great way to get everyone in your home together for an activity that encourages conversation and lifts spirits. Plus, some can even be played virtually, so you can share the game night spirit remotely with friends and family. 

Look no further for your cabin fever cure! Here are six popular tabletop titles we highly recommend to banish quarantine boredom: 

Blank Slate 

Blank Slate board game

Blank Slate board game

Blank Slate board game

Blank Slate board game

The perfect family game comes in the form of Blank Slate, a tabletop party game in which great minds _____ alike! Players will choose a Word Cue card (there are 500 total for hours and hours of playtime), and you’ll write which word best completes the phrase. 

For example, if the cue card reads “Brain ___,” players will write which word first comes to mind and write it down on their dry-erase slate. You could choose Brain Storm, Brain Freeze, or Brain Teaser. Whichever you believe best fits. Only rule, no hints! 

Once everyone has chosen their word, reveal your answers to find out if you matched with another player. If your word is the same as someone else, you both earn points! The first player to reach 25 points is the winner. 

*Cabin Fever Tip* This is also a great game to play with friends and family virtually! Just use a webcam to reveal your Word Cue Cards and slates. No need to be in the same house to play!




Need a good laugh? The award-winning “LOL” party game is a great way to keep everyone entertained. 

Telestrations is just like the classic game of telephone, but instead of repeating what you hear, you draw what you see! Players choose a secret word or phrase from over 1,700 options, and then take a stab at drawing it on the included dry-erase sketchpads. 

Pass your sketchpad to the next player, and then they have to guess what it was you drew. Once your book returns to you, you’re bound to enjoy some hilarious and unpredictable outcomes. 

The best part? Drawing skills are not required and hilarious stick figure drawings and a sense of humor are always welcome!

*Cabin Fever Tip* Take special care when sharing sketch pads! Consider using a disinfectant wipe to clean your books and pens after each game. 

 There’s more to love! Don’t forget to check out the Telestrations 12-Player Party Pack for larger groups or Telestrations After Dark for a fun-filled game night for adults-only. 

Tapple® – Fast Word Fun for the Whole Family!


Tapple is a fast-paced word game for players of all ages. In fact, it’s so fun that kids will hardly know they’re learning while playing! 

Simply choose a category and start the timer. The active player has a limited time to think of a word that fits, tap the first letter of the word on the Tapple wheel, and then re-start the timer for the next player. Think fast! If the timer runs out before you’ve chosen a word, you’re out. The last player standing wins.

Bring home this exciting party game and find out who has what it takes to beat the timer and cover every letter!

Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™ Battle: A Cooperative Deck-Building Game

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle

Harry Potter™ fans, raise your wands! In a game of Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™ Battle, you and up to three other players take on the roles of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Neville Longbottom to save the Wizarding World from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. 

The cooperative deck-builder requires you to work together to enhance your magical abilities and build your deck with familiar Allies and Items to aid you in battle. The game is also divided into seven separate games, each reminiscent of the respective Harry Potter films. 

Each game becomes increasingly more difficult, so use your strategic skills, card decks, and teammates to your advantage. By the end of the game, you and your fellow Heroes will feel as if you’ve been apparated right into the magical world you’ve come to know and love. 

Play as much as you can through all seven games, or dedicate one day per box. However you decide to save the Wizarding World, Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle is sure to become a hit! 


If you’ve played through the original game and need more content, enhance your gameplay with the Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™ Battle: The Monster Box of Monsters Expansion!

Harry Potter™ Hogwarts Battle™: The Charms and Potions Expansion is coming soon! 

Harry Potter™ Hogwarts Battle: Defence Against the Dark Arts

Harry Potter™ Hogwarts Battle: Defence Against the Dark Arts

Harry Potter™ Hogwarts Battle: Defence Against the Dark Arts

For a quick yet exciting 2-player game, search no further than Harry Potter™ Hogwarts Battle: Defence Against the Dark Arts.  

Inspired by the previously mentioned Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle, this fast-paced competitive deck builder is like a wizard duel in the form of a board game! Players will choose their respective Hogwarts house then take turns playing cards, taking actions, and acquiring new spells to build their defensive skills. The first player to stun their opponent three times is the winner! 

The quick gameplay and wide variety of delights for Harry Potter fans will make this an easy gaming experience to enjoy again and again! 

CODENAMES: The Simpsons Family Edition 

 CODENAMES: The Simpsons Family Edition

 CODENAMES: The Simpsons Family Edition

The popular word and picture deduction game meets TV’s most famous cartoon family! In CODENAMES: The Simpsons Family Edition, players help their teammates locate secret Agents who are concealed among a grid of Simpsons series references using only one-word clues. It’s easy-to-learn fun that can certainly be repeated. 

Not a fan of The Simpsons, that’s ok. We also have Disney Codenames, Marvel Codenames and Harry Potter Codenames for you to enjoy with friends and family.

*Cabin Fever Tip* This is also a great game to play virtually with your friends. Just use a webcam to display the card grid for everyone to see, or snap a photo and share with those who don’t have the game. Make sure the Cluemaster cards are shown only to the Cluemasters. 

More Fan Favorites We Think You’ll Enjoy 

Each gamer is different! That’s why we offer a wide variety of tabletop experiences to entertain gamers of all tastes. Check out some of our fan favorites below or explore our top-selling selections to find your own personal picks. 

YAHTZEE®: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Play America’s all-time #1 Dice Game with YAHTZEE: The Nightmare Before Christmas. Ready for you to shake it up are custom dice featuring frightful movie characters including the Mayor, Oogie Boogie, Sally and the Pumpkin King himself.

CLUE®: The Golden Girls

CLUE: The Golden Girls features a custom illustrated game board, where players attempt to solve the crime of WHO ate the cheesecake, WHAT they left at the scene of the crime, and WHICH room they did it in.

MONOPOLY®: Disney Lilo & Stitch

Say “aloha” to out-of-this-world adventure with MONOPOLY: Lilo & Stitch! Buy, sell and trade your favorite humble and beloved characters from the hit Disney movie in this tropical twist on the classic game. 

Face Galactic Federation odds and hula your way across the big island with Lilo, Nani, Stitch, and more of both alien and human kind to accumulate houses and hotels. It’s a Hawaiian rollercoaster ride to become the model citizen with the most riches, and “Ohana means family” so don’t get left behind!

TRIVIAL PURSUIT®: World of Harry Potter™ Ultimate Edition

HARRY POTTER fans test their knowledge of all eight Harry Potter movies with TRIVIAL PURSUIT: World of Harry Potter Ultimate Edition

Move around the board with House Mascot movers as you answer questions and collect “wedges”. Includes 1800 questions to challenge the ultimate Harry Potter fan.

YAHTZEE®: National Parks Edition

Now adventurers can bring the fun of the outdoors, indoors with YAHTZEE: National Parks Edition. Fun National Parks symbols like a deer, tent, canoe, hiker, pine trees and binoculars replace the traditional dice pips. 

Roll a hiker, pine trees, binoculars, tent and canoe – that’s a Large Straight! This unique edition of America’s #1 dice game features a custom National Parks dice cup.

A portion of proceeds goes to the National Park Foundation.

The Op Puzzles 

Puzzles are a great brain training activity and a great way to de-stress! Here are some of our most popular puzzles that you won’t want to miss:

World of Harry Potter™ Collector’s 550 Piece Puzzle

World of Harry Potter™ Collector’s 550 Piece Puzzle

The Golden Girls 1000 Piece Puzzle

The Golden Girls 1000 Piece Puzzle

Rick and Morty™ “Into the Rickverse” 1000 Piece Puzzle

Harley Quinn “Die Laughing” 1000 Piece Puzzle

Thanks for playing! We hope you all stay safe and healthy during this time. If you’re playing any of the games listed above or other games from The Op, be sure to share them with us via social media by either tagging @TheOpGames or using #TheOpGames and #TheOpPuzzles.