Defeat The Heartless Before It’s Too Late in Disney KINGDOM HEARTS Perilous Pursuit – Available Now from The Op!

Cooperative board game players, Disney loyalists, and fans of the award-winning video game franchise KINGDOM HEARTS now have a new quest to come together at the tabletop and defend the most peaceful Worlds from darkness! Disney KINGDOM HEARTS Perilous Pursuit is a cooperative dice game to defeat the Heartless, and it’s available now!

Harness your heroic skills to save Traverse Town, Destiny Islands, Disney Castle, and other sacred lands from being dominated by these destructive beings and prove the unbeatable power of friendship. Players will take on the roles of Sora, Goofy, Donald Duck, Kairi, and Riku and face unpredictability around every corner as they work together to seal the Doors of Darkness. Only with determination and the best use of their luck and strategy can each character activate the skills and abilities needed to reclaim the Realm of Light!

28 Worlds are at stake, each represented on a card with its own Capture Track, which players use to monitor the containment of the ever-spawning Heartless. Players will take turns rolling six custom dice to collect and assign unique sets that will build their strengths, protect their friends, and attack the enemy. Through the collective effort of every player, activating these abilities will keep the Heartless Tracker from reaching the track’s end (meaning the World is overrun). Continue fighting to save six worlds without losing a player, and you win the game!

Each character’s custom player board features placeholders that neatly fit matching Set Tokens for tracking five abilities. Light strategy will come into play when it must be agreed upon for whom to heal with Keyblades, when to defend, and the best way to use Wilds. If two worlds succumb to the Heartless, the players lose and must restart their mission from the beginning!

Disney KINGDOM HEARTS Perilous Pursuit includes 5 Player Boards, each with 15 matching pieces, 5 Health Trackers, 1 Heartless Marker, 14 double-sided World Cards, 6 Dice, 30 Item Cards, and 1 Rulebook. It is made for 2-5 players, ages 8 and up, and is available now for $29.99 from your local game store (as well as select territories outside of the US, given permissions) or here at The Op’s online shop!

Add it to your collection of Disney or other KINGDOM HEARTS-inspired collectibles such as Talisman: KINGDOM HEARTS Edition and RUBIK’S Cube®: Disney KINGDOM HEARTS. Keep an eye on our blog for a behind-the-scenes look at how the game was developed by The Op’s very own Kami Mandell!

Have a memorable moment that other fans might appreciate from any of our other KINGDOM HEARTS games? Tag us @theopgames or #TheOpGames for a chance to be featured on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! For more information on KINGDOM HEARTS at the official website, go to!

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