Solve a “Swurt” Mystery at the Precinct in CLUE®: Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Available Now

It’s spooky season at the station in Brooklyn’s 99th Precinct, so the antics are extra with a different kind of investigation—at the center of a Halloween heist! In this absurdly clever spin on the classic mystery-solving game, the Most Amazing Detective/Genius title is at stake as one of your favorite officers are elbowing their way to claim it. CLUE: Brooklyn Nine-Nine puts you in the shoes of the hit sitcom’s ever-aloof police squad, and it’s available now from The Op!

Snoop around as Detectives Jake Peralta, Amy Santiago, Rosa Diaz, Terry Jeffords, Charles Boyle, or Captain Holt to clamor around the precinct for a hidden trophy that will deem which officer is most worthy! Using six collectible tokens for each suspect’s telltale item, players will track and narrow down WHO among the thieving workers hid the prize, WHICH item is the trophy they’re looking for, and WHERE in the precinct the ultimate trophy was stashed!

Clue Brooklyn 99

Get to the bottom of the heist by searching nine well-known Locations from the precinct, including The Bullpen, Captain Holt’s Office, The Break Room, Evidence Lock-Up, and more. Along with the Intrigue and Rumor cards that will put you on a “Cool, cool cool cool cool” path, Power Cards boast a unique ability for each player to get one shot closer to the answers.

Was it Rosa who hid Holt’s Watch in The Elevator? Or did Santiago bury Scully’s Medical Bracelet in the Copy Room? Use your custom Brooklyn 99 Clue sheets to track accusations and know where else to look before you hit the Bingpot!

CLUE: Brooklyn Nine-Nine is for 2-6 players, ages 8 and up, is available now from your local game store or The Op’s online shop! Once you’re done booking the culprit of this 60+ minute game, get more time in with the team by assembling this 19×27” Brooklyn Nine-Nine “No More Mr. Noice Guys” 1,000-Piece Puzzle featuring the cast in a “toit” series poster. Tag us in your pics with @theopgames and hashtag #theopgames to debrief us on how much you love this award-winning comedy for a chance to be featured on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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