Shufflebuild Iconic and Unheard-of Battles in Smash Up: Marvel, Available Now!

You’ve waited to have your hand at pitting powerful factions against one another in the first officially licensed version of your tabletop favorite… And that boundless comic world geek-out is finally here! Smash Up: Marvel is now available from The Op and AEG!

This first officially licensed Smash Up product created in partnership with AEG carries on the fantastical concept of their flagship “shufflebuilding” card game, by allowing players to choose two decks of fan favorite characters and combining their powers to dominate the creations of their opponents!

Smash Up: Marvel

The face-offs are centered around locations called Bases, which each have a “breakpoint” that fighters occupying that space are continually choosing and enhancing their actions to outnumber. When the limit is breached, players earn Victory points according to their ranking in first, second, and third place. Whoever gets to 15 total points wins the game!

Choose from the following eight powerful factions, each designed to accommodate various playing styles and strategies for Smash Up enthusiasts and newcomers alike:

The Ultimates: The cosmic themed faction that has the likes of Captain Marvel and Spectrum moves quickly from one base to another, allowing its member to attack from afar.
Smash Up: Marvel
The Avengers: Six well-known and loved characters including Iron Man and Hulk have robust powers that are enhanced by items that were made just for them, creating impactful results.
Spider-Verse: Moving with spectacular speed is this deck’s forte, which means a quick response and special actions that boost the power of its stealthy arachnid characters.
S.H.I.E.L.D.: These highly-skilled agents infiltrate the battlefield with intensely honed team effort.
Masters of Evil: Diabolical members like Baron Zemo are built to become more aggressive as the game goes on, claiming more points through their nefarious plots.
The Kree: Otherworldly and steadfast, their leader The Supreme Intelligence is able to add power to the other members of this militaristic faction.
Hydra: If one member falls, two can take its place, resulting in intentional sacrifices that evildoers Arnim Zola and Red Skull will have no problem putting into effect.
The Sinister Six: The city is at this group’s mercy as they have base modifiers that lower breakpoints and allow characters like Doctor Octopus to grab up Victory points as he pleases.

Whether you’re familiar with their stories, have a go-to group, or want to expand your knowledge and feel out different features, Smash Up: Marvel’s setup lets players create far-fetched pairings and practically role-play as previously unthinkable team-ups. For instance, Hydra minions could run with the friendly neighborhood helpers of Spider-Verse, or The Avengers’ Hulk might have to smash S.H.I.E.L.D.’s equally assertive Nick Fury! The collection is a stand-alone game, but the 160 faction cards are also compatible with all Smash Up games, which have grown to include over 50 other factions, providing the ultimate crossover experience for curious gamers and superhero collectors to explore the possibilities of multiple realms.

Smash Up: Marvel is for 2-4 players, ages 12 and up, and is available now from your local game store or online here in The Op’s online shop! Build synergies and learn which combinations will rack up the points faster than the other to prove your superiority! You can also trade tips and follow the moves of other gamers by joining the Smash Up Smashposting Facebook group and discussing your personal bests! Got a winning combo that you can’t keep to yourself? Show us how they did their damage by tagging @theopgames #smashup and #marvelsmashup on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a chance to be featured!

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