Insider Look—Mountains Out Of Molehills

Mountains Out Of Molehills

There is, perhaps, no finer tradition in board gaming than mining, where gems, ore, and even the occasional balrog make their appearance on your tabletop. Mountains Out Of Molehills from The Op continues this lineage by putting you and up to three of your friends in the roles of blind rodents, digging to see who can literally come out on top. Or, rather, bottom. You’ll see… (but they won’t… Get it? That’s a sight joke. Because moles.)

Cover the Most Ground to Come Out on Top in Mountains Out Of Molehills

Mountains Out Of Molehills

You’ve probably heard the saying “making a mountain out of a molehill” when a minor problem is blown out of proportion, but when you’re a determined burrower of contest-winning dirt piles, the performance is a point of pride! Mountains Out Of Molehills lets players use light strategy and planning to become the mole with the most control, and it’s available now from The Op!

Strategize Your Way to the Surface in Mountains Out Of Molehills – Coming Soon from The Op

Mountains Out Of Molehills

Start preparing now to attend the annual Mountain Maker tournament, where the title of “Top Tunneler” is up for grabs by moles all over the world! If you’ve never tested your digging skills before to rise above the rest, you’re in luck—sharp-clawed competitors are needed both underground and above ground in an all-new signature game by The Op! Mountains Out Of Molehills is the perfect light strategy game for players of all skill levels, and it’s coming soon!

Retro-Activate Your #1 LOL Party Game with All-New Content! The Telestrations® 80s & 90s Expansion Pack is Available Now from The Op!

Telestrations 80s 90s Expansion

Pump up your high-tops and layer on the hairspray for a game night that will transport you back to the prime of florescent fashion, synthetic sounds, and dreamy teen idols! Telestrations, The Op’s award-winning “Telephone Game” sketched out, has been retrofitted with an all-new pack of radical words to add even more LOL moments to your best party game. The highly requested Telestrations 80s and 90s Expansion Pack will guarantee flashbacks to the max, and it’s available now!

Insider Look – Hues and Cues

Hues and Cues board game

How specific can you get about a shade of magenta? Could you point out the precise color of Grimace? What do you imagine when someone says “sunset”? While beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, Hues and Cues seeks to find out if you can not only mind your P’s and Q’s, but also your RGBs. This 2020 release from designer Scott Brady has been gaining a wider audience in the year since it first made its way onto store shelves, and with more copies hitting your FLGS as well as your local Target and Barnes & Noble, it seemed like a good time to revisit this one.

Until We Meet Again in Person, The Op @ Home Returns for Virtual Shows!

The Op at Home

Sheltering in place may have come naturally to many of us last year, since it simply added to our at-home gaming time. But we didn’t forget about how our fellow Con goers eagerly look forward to doing annual tours of their favorite show floors! And this year is no different.

Play “The Game Where Every Word Counts” at Home with 25 Words or Less – Available Now

25 Words or Less

Say no more—it’s 25 Words or Less, as in the popular party game and hit TV show hosted by Meredith Vieira… and the board game version is now available from The Op! Turn your living room into a virtual set and faceoff with another team to be the crew that uses the fewest clues!

The Op | Usaopoly Partners with One Tree Planted to Help Restore Local Ecosystems

The Op Gives Back

Usaopoly® (The Op), the board game and puzzle publisher behind the best-selling party games Telestrations® and Blank Slate™, has announced a new partnership with One Tree Planted, a non-profit environmental charity, as part of The Op’s latest initiative to improve our home state of California. “The Op GiveBack Program”, which focuses on Environmental and Community improvements, includes planting one tree seedling for every game sold on TheOp.Games website.

Choose Your Side and Craft New Adventures in the Forthcoming Star Wars™ Edition of Talisman from The Op Games

Talisman Star Wars

Prepare for an exciting tabletop experience defending the light or dark side of the Force! Crafted from usaopoly (The Op)’s ongoing partnership with Games Workshop, Talisman: Star Wars — the first roll-and-move game transporting fans to their favorite galaxy far, far away…. is coming this fall!

Bring Victory to Your House in Harry Potter™: House Cup Competition!

The newest way to represent your favorite Hogwarts house is coming this summer with Harry Potter: House Cup Competition! Only the brightest future witches and wizards compete in The Op’s first Wizarding World™ worker placement game! In this new competitive game, players will act as iconic members of Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin to earn […]

A New Perspective on Drawing Games is Coming Soon with Telestrations®: Upside Drawn

Telestrations: Upside Drawn party game

Telestrations is celebrating a decade of unforgettable moments with players all over the world who love to enjoy the fast-paced guessing game and share hilarious and obscure drawings with their friends and family. Soon, the wildly addicting “Telephone Game Sketched Out” will be joined by a brand new and never-before-seen experience for party goers and gamers […]

GODZILLA Passes GO and Collects $200 Whenever The Kaiju Wants in Its Own MONOPOLY® Game

Godzilla Monopoly

CARLSBAD, Calif.—February 12, 2020— usaopoly (The Op), a leading games publisher, in collaboration with Toho International, Inc., is excited for the North American launch of GODZILLA tabletop games: MONOPOLY® and JENGA®. From its debut on the big screen in 1954, there have been over 30 GODZILLA films made in Japan and the United States, and GODZILLA continues […]

Goonies Never Say Die as Warner Bros. Consumer Products and The Op team up for Monopoly Game

Goonies Monopoly

CARLSBAD, Calif.— February 6, 2020 — USAOPOLY (The Op), a leading tabletop games publisher is partnering with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, to offer a nostalgic mashup of the classic board game, Monopoly and The Goonies, the 1985 cult classic movie.   The comedic adventure, produced by Steven Spielberg, has become a classic favorite for movie lovers and was […]

Garbage Pail Kids and The Op Sign Deal to Pass GO and Collect $200

Garbage Pail Kids Monopoly

CARLSBAD, Calif.– January 21, 2020 – usaopoly (The Op), a leading tabletop games publisher, is teaming up with Topps, creator of the Garbage Pail Kids (GPK), to offer an irreverent and nostalgic version of one of the world’s most popular games, MONOPOLY®. The release of this new game coincides with GPK’s 35th anniversary, a year-long celebration of the brand’s […]

The Op Games Pairs with Sony Pictures Consumer Products to Cook Up Breaking Bad MONOPOLY®, TRIVIAL PURSUIT®, and More

Breaking Bad Monopoly

In case the traditional trivia and trading games were falling short for today’s Netflix specialists and dabbling capitalists, The Op Games and Sony Pictures Consumer Products have partnered to bring Breaking Bad versions of MONOPOLY®, TRIVIAL PURSUIT®, and puzzles to the table this year, paving the way for show buffs and gamers alike to self-righteously attribute their calculated […]

8 New Years Eve Party Games to Start Your 2020 Right

Can you believe the start of a whole new decade is right around the corner? With the 2020s about to begin, there’s never been a better time to get together with family and the amazing friends you’ve made over the years to welcome a new year and a fresh start together.  Whether you’re hosting or […]

Rise. Conquer. Rule the Underworld with Court of the Dead: Mourners Call – Available Now

Court of the Dead Mourner's Call

Heaven and Hell have been engaged in a celestial war that enslaves all of existence, requiring the harvest of etherea from human souls to use as fuel for their ongoing battle. Caught in the constant imbalance of good and evil, the Alltaker of the Underworld, also known as Death, assembles a council called The Court […]

Bring Bravery and Nostalgia to the Table with Talisman: Disney Kingdom Hearts Edition – Available Now

The mystery and wonder of one of the most memorable franchises of all time is going home with Disney and gaming fans today in the form of a new vessel. The highly anticipated and fantastical collection-bound creation Talisman: Disney Kingdom Hearts Edition is here! Brought to life by a partnership between The Op Games|usaopoly and Games Workshop […]

Food Flies When You’re Having Fun! Bob’s Burgers Belcher Family Food Fight is Now Available

“Slingin’ burgers” takes on a whole new meaning with the newest roll-and-fling family game from The Op Games | usaopoly! Bob’s Burgers Belcher Family Food Fight has finally arrived—and being told to clean your plate has never been more exciting! In this tomato-tossing, lettuce-lobbing, plate-passing frenzy, your favorite fast food family The Belchers are settling the usual […]

3 Reasons to Visit The Op Games Booth at ChiTag 2019

The Chicago Toy & Game Week (better known as ChiTAG) officially kicked off in “The Windy City” this week! Not only is this fun-filled event the perfect opportunity to gain some inspiration for your holiday shopping list, but it also gives you the chance to play the games you’re interested in with the companies who […]

Prove Yourself the Ultimate Fan of All with Geek Out! Disney – Available Now!

Self-proclaimed Disney fanatics can now pick up the game they’ve been wishing for! The Op Games | usaopoly’s Disney version of Geek Out!, a game for pop culture enthusiasts to prove the extent of their obsessions, is now available for fantasy and animated film buffs to show how much they know! This nostalgic twist on UltraPro’s […]

Shake Your Tail Feathers! Munchkin®: Disney DuckTales is Available Now!

Carlsbad, Calif. – Loyal fans of the classic DuckTales tv show may reminisce about the adventures they shared with “Unca’” Scrooge and his three mischievous nephews on Saturday mornings, but now everybody’s favorite ducks are back with a brand new mission! The Op Games | usaopoly is proud to announce that Munchkin®: Disney DuckTales is now available […]

Encounter Allusions of Forgotten Realms with CLUE®: Dungeons & Dragons – Available Now

Relieve your regular Dungeon Master of their storytelling duties for a different kind of adventuring party, where fantasy roleplay meets murder mystery and a familiar world contains paths to new secrets. CLUE®: Dungeons & Dragons can now be yours! This Wizards of the Coast-sanctioned version of “The Classic Mystery Game” calls for readied imaginations to explore […]

Report to the Tower, Guardian. Destiny® Collector’s Chess is Available Now!

Super charge your Destiny collection and play your favorite game in an eye-catching and all new form with the Destiny® Collector’s Chess Set, available now! Bungie’s hit first-person shooter meets the timeless tabletop strategy game in this must-have for Destiny® enthusiasts and gamers of all levels. Engage a fellow Guardian to take on a console-free challenge between Heroes […]

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