Battle Monsters and Graduate From Dungeon Academy at Your Local Game Store This Weekend!

We’re excited to announce our Dungeon Academy splash event is scheduled for December 14-15th, 2019! Participating game stores will have volunteers overseeing in store play events for Dungeon Academy. Follow along on our social channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) to check out the event on December 14-15! If you’re participating, share your photos with us on social media […]

Conquer Monsters and Take Potions to Graduate Dungeon Academy – Coming Soon from The OP!

Take the mighty pen as your proverbial sword for the fight to earn your Adventurer’s Diploma from Dungeon Academy, the exciting roll-and-write game coming soon to North America through The OP!  Face threatening foes and collect life-restoring potions in this fast and competitive light strategy game, where players take on the role of students pining to […]

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