Retro-Activate Your #1 LOL Party Game with All-New Content! The Telestrations® 80s & 90s Expansion Pack is Available Now from The Op!

Telestrations 80s 90s Expansion

Pump up your high-tops and layer on the hairspray for a game night that will transport you back to the prime of florescent fashion, synthetic sounds, and dreamy teen idols! Telestrations, The Op’s award-winning “Telephone Game” sketched out, has been retrofitted with an all-new pack of radical words to add even more LOL moments to your best party game. The highly requested Telestrations 80s and 90s Expansion Pack will guarantee flashbacks to the max, and it’s available now!

Insider Look – Hues and Cues

Hues and Cues board game

How specific can you get about a shade of magenta? Could you point out the precise color of Grimace? What do you imagine when someone says “sunset”? While beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, Hues and Cues seeks to find out if you can not only mind your P’s and Q’s, but also your RGBs. This 2020 release from designer Scott Brady has been gaining a wider audience in the year since it first made its way onto store shelves, and with more copies hitting your FLGS as well as your local Target and Barnes & Noble, it seemed like a good time to revisit this one.

Play “The Game Where Every Word Counts” at Home with 25 Words or Less – Available Now

25 Words or Less

Say no more—it’s 25 Words or Less, as in the popular party game and hit TV show hosted by Meredith Vieira… and the board game version is now available from The Op! Turn your living room into a virtual set and faceoff with another team to be the crew that uses the fewest clues!

Prove Yourself the Ultimate Fan of All with Geek Out! Disney – Available Now!

Self-proclaimed Disney fanatics can now pick up the game they’ve been wishing for! The Op Games | usaopoly’s Disney version of Geek Out!, a game for pop culture enthusiasts to prove the extent of their obsessions, is now available for fantasy and animated film buffs to show how much they know! This nostalgic twist on UltraPro’s […]

Retro-activate Game Nights with The Op’s Match-O-Rama™ – Available Now!


Hey everybody, it’s time for MATCH-O-RAMA™! Trade in the usual dice-rolling routine for a game night that will have you looking for lights and cameras—can you dig it? The OP’s newest signature guessing game puts you in the seat of the shows you love to play along with at home. Grab a group of 4-8 […]

Put on Your Thinking Ear Hat! Geek Out! Disney is Coming Soon to Gamify Your Disney Obsession

Geek Out! Disney

Can you think of at least two Disney characters who can fly? How about two or more Disney characters that sing to animals?  If you didn’t need a Genie to answer these questions, look forward to a whole new world of fun with Geek Out! Disney, The OP’s forthcoming trivia-based party game made especially for Disney […]

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