Insider Look – Kingdom Hearts Perilous Pursuit

Kingdom Hearts Perilous Pursuit

The Op has published their long-awaited Kingdom Hearts co-op game, Kingdom Hearts Perilous Pursuit. The whole team’s inside the lid: Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, and Goofy. Their unique powers combine to give players a chance to seal off six worlds before they’re overrun by the heartless. Succeed, and the future of the keyblade is secure. Fail, and darkness reigns over every world imaginable. So.. no pressure.

Defeat The Heartless Before It’s Too Late in Disney KINGDOM HEARTS Perilous Pursuit – Available Now from The Op!

Kingdom Hearts Perilous Pursuit

Cooperative board game players, Disney loyalists, and fans of the award-winning video game franchise KINGDOM HEARTS now have a new quest to come together at the tabletop and defend the most peaceful Worlds from darkness! Disney KINGDOM HEARTS Perilous Pursuit is a cooperative dice game to defeat the Heartless, and it’s available now!

Make Game Night Dreams Come True With These Disney Board Games

Do you know what Disney and board games have in common? They’re fun for people of all ages! Combining the imaginative storytelling that Disney has mastered with your family game nights is a great way to spend time together and make magical memories you’ll always cherish. Discover a whole new world of gaming from our list of the best Disney-themed tabletop games!

Save the Realms from Darkness in Disney KINGDOM HEARTS Perilous Pursuit Board Game – Coming Soon!

Kingdom Hearts Perilous Pursuit

Get ready to help reclaim the communal universe in Disney KINGDOM HEARTS Perilous Pursuit, a cooperative chase to defeat the Heartless! In this exciting new way to celebrate your love for the popular video game franchise, players will take on the roles of Sora, Goofy, Donald, Kairi and Riku to explore and overpower mounting threats to various worlds. Seal the doors of six worlds to save them and restore the harmony forever!

The Nightmare Before Christmas, Disney Kingdom Hearts, and Bob Ross Delight on New RUBIK’S® Cubes – Available Now from The Op

Bob Ross Rubik's cube

The Rubik’s Cube is celebrating its 40th anniversary of making heads spin with its classic colors, endless algorithms, and countless competitions. But before the year ends, The Op is delivering even more thanks to our partnership with Rubik’s to bring licensed versions of the timeless toy, making it even harder for fans and collectors to put them down!

Weaving the Magical World of Talisman: Disney Kingdom Hearts Edition with Elisa Teague

How She Designed the First Tabletop Game to Combine Both Beloved Franchises If you’re enchanted by the power combo of IPs named in this blog title, it’s likely that you’re already acquainted with Elisa Teague. A prolific name in the tabletop industry with over 100+ titles under her corseted belt, the game designer’s extensive work […]

Bring Bravery and Nostalgia to the Table with Talisman: Disney Kingdom Hearts Edition – Available Now

The mystery and wonder of one of the most memorable franchises of all time is going home with Disney and gaming fans today in the form of a new vessel. The highly anticipated and fantastical collection-bound creation Talisman: Disney Kingdom Hearts Edition is here! Brought to life by a partnership between The Op Games|usaopoly and Games Workshop […]

Journey with Sora, Kairi and Riku through Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition this Fall

Talisman Kingdom Hearts

First Kingdom Hearts Tabletop Game to Debut at GenCon 2019 with Fully Playable Preview WHAT: Combining the beloved Disney and Square Enix collaboration with Games Workshop’s time-honored tabletop mechanic, USAopoly (The OP) is excited to announce that Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition will soon be arriving at local retailers. A vibrant board game experience inspired by […]

RPGers Rejoice! Classic Tabletop Adventure Meets Disney Royalty in Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition

Kingdom Hearts Talisman

Remain seated, please. The worlds that captivate realm dwellers and controller holders alike will soon be welcoming Disney and role-playing fans to pull up their favorite gaming chairs for an uncharted tabletop experience. Introducing Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition, The OP’s licensed version of the critically-acclaimed adventure hobby game, which combines the beloved Disney and Square […]

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