Get Up Close and Personal with Iconic Shark Species in MONOPOLY®: Predators of the Deep Edition – Available Now

MONOPOLY: Predators of the Deep (Shark Week)

Created in partnership with Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, MONOPOLY®: Predators of the Deep Edition lets players learn even more about these fascinating fish as they buy, sell, and trade camera and satellite tags of their favorite species, including the Great White Shark, Tiger Shark, Megamouth and more!

Celebrate 50 Years of Unrefusable Offers with MONOPOLY®: The Godfather – Available Now

MONOPOLY: The Godfather

Now you can “be a friend to” The Godfather with MONOPOLY: The Godfather, the classic game that pays tribute to the most iconic “Family film” franchise of our time, available now! Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the post-war story of Don Vito Corleone’s organized crime syndicate has left an indelible mark on our popular culture with its iconic characters, fashions, locations, razor-sharp dialogue, and puppet-stringed graphics.

Channel Your Dark Passenger and Seek Justice in CLUE®: Dexter™ – Available Now from The Op

CLUE: Dexter

CLUE: Dexter puts players hot on the trail of murderous minds at work, and it’s available now! In this suspenseful twist on the classic mystery game, the quick moving squad of investigators from Showtime’s award-winning TV drama are on the case of a homicidal maniac, and their own homicidal maniac might well beat them to it. It’s up to you to help them catch the killer terrorizing Miami!

Join in on all the supercute fun with MONOPOLY®: Hello Kitty® and Friends—Available Now!

MONOPOLY®: Hello Kitty and Friends

Known all over the world for her iconic youthfulness and positivity, we can’t deny how her big red bow and smiling eyes have brought joy to generations. Yet more excitement is in store now that this adorable ambassador has a new place to play, in a classic family game that’s fun for everyone! MONOPOLY: Hello Kitty and Friends lets players explore all the places their favorite Sanrio characters work and play, and it’s available now!

Lead the Way to Locate Dory in CLUE®: Disney and Pixar Finding Nemo Edition – Available Now from The Op!

CLUE: Finding Nemo

In this whimsical spin on the classic mystery game, join the finned and footed characters from Pixar’s big blue adventure films, Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, to save the day! CLUE: Disney and Pixar Finding Nemo Edition lets players get their feet wet in a perilous mission to track down Dory, and it’s available now from The Op!

Serve Up Sizzling Competition with YAHTZEE® SPAM® Brand – Available Now from The Op!

Yahtzee SPAM

Feast your eyes on the newest form that America’s #1 dice game has tried on for size—and “don’t knock it til you’ve fried it!” YAHTZEE: SPAM Brand puts together two classic products known around the world for bringing excitement to the family table, and it’s available now.

It’s Time to Celebrate! MONOPOLY®: JoJo Siwa is Available Now, Only at The Op.Games!

JoJo Siwa Monopoly

Put on your high tops and your biggest bow to get ready for the brightest, most exciting Monopoly game ever! Join the party with a worldwide superstar as sweets, sparkles, and of course hair bows beam from the tabletop with MONOPOLY® JoJo Siwa, available now exclusively at TheOp.Games!

Celebrate 50 Years of History-Making Rock Music with MONOPOLY®: Queen Edition – Available Now!

Monopoly Queen edition

In a timely encore for Queen’s 50th anniversary this year, classic rock and a classic game come together in a collection-bound edition made for the dedicated fans of Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon, and Roger Taylor. The MONOPOLY®: Queen Edition game pays tribute to one of the world’s most influential rock bands of all time, and it’s available now from The Op!

Leading the Charge on RISK: Warhammer 40,000 – Designer Diary

Warhammer 40k Risk

In the 41st millenium there is only war… and with RISK®: Warhammer 40,000, that battle comes to the tabletop! This grimdark version of the “classic game of conquest” features five different factions from across the galaxy, from the Ultramarines led by Marneus Calgar, to the Genestealer Cults led by an insidious Magus.

Solve a “Swurt” Mystery at the Precinct in CLUE®: Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Available Now

Clue Brooklyn 99

It’s spooky season at the station in Brooklyn’s 99th Precinct, so the antics are extra with a different kind of investigation—at the center of a Halloween heist! In this absurdly clever spin on the classic mystery-solving game, the Most Amazing Detective/Genius title is at stake as one of your favorite officers are elbowing their way to claim it. CLUE: Brooklyn Nine-Nine puts you in the shoes of the hit sitcom’s ever-aloof police squad, and it’s available now from The Op!

Have a Sit-Down with Your Other Family in MONOPOLY®: The Sopranos – Available Now

Monopoly Sopranos

Make your way from the vinyl-covered couch to meet at the table for a real treat that’s on the record, and we don’t mean pasta and gabagool (though you will be getting money-hungry). MONOPOLY: The Sopranos lets players relive the HBO hit that’s taken over our hearts and vocabs since its debut two decades ago, and it’s available now to prove you’re the top earner!

Seek and Slay the Monsters of the Forgotten Realms MONOPOLY®: Dungeons & Dragons – Available Now

Dungeons & Dragons Monopoly

Role-playing fans with a competitive edge now have a new adventure in the form of the classic fast-dealing property trading game! Heed the call to slay monsters in MONOPOLY®: Dungeons & Dragons, available now from The Op!

Soak Up an Internet Sensation With MONOPOLY®: SpongeBob SquarePants Meme Edition – Available Now

SpongeBob Meme Monopoly

Order up! A cornerstone of the internet’s meme culture is making a splash on the tabletop in a collection that captures just about every reaction possible while playing the classic fast-dealing property trading game. MONOPOLY®: SpongeBob SquarePants Meme Edition is available now!

Pivot to Win It with MONOPOLY®: Friends – Available Now at Hot Topic

Friends Monopoly

Could you be any more excited? Grab your buddies and find a cozy spot on the orange couch for a game of MONOPOLY®: Friends, a fun spin on the fast-dealing property game that allows you to stake claim to memorable moments shared by Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey!

Zoinks! Unmask a Fun Game Night With These Scooby-Doo Games

Scooby Doo board games

Whether you’re young or young at heart, it’s likely that you have a favorite Scooby-Doo episode or movie. Since the mystery-solving canine’s grand debut in 1969, the Mystery Inc. gang has made their way into the hearts of millions and become a pinnacle among classic cartoons. If you enjoy watching their mysterious and goofy adventures on the screen, why not bring them to the tabletop?

What’s the Deal with This Mystery Game? CLUE®: Seinfeld Collector’s Edition is Available Now

Clue Seinfeld

The most amusing urbanites you know from the 90s are returning to your living room for a hilarious guessing game only a sitcom could set up! Take on the roles of TV characters Jerry, Elaine, George, and more to solve a mail delivery mystery in CLUE® Seinfeld Collector’s Edition, available now only from Hot Topic!

Countdown to Christmas with MONOPOLY®: Hallmark Channel Holiday Edition – Available Now from The Op!

MONOPOLY®: Hallmark Channel Holiday Edition

Beloved traditions that make up the merriest season of all have come to the tabletop in the most festive board game to bring the family together yet. MONOPOLY®: Hallmark Channel Holiday Edition indulges players with everything they love about the most wonderful time of the year, and it’s available to bring home today!

Survive the Tournament of Power with MONOPOLY®: Dragon Ball Super – Available Now

Monopoly Dragon Ball Super

Be the last one standing in a battle among gods and warriors in a Super Saiyan spin on the fast-dealing property trading game! MONOPOLY: Dragon Ball Super brings anime fans a tabletop quest to own it all, and it’s available now from The Op!

Leave Room for Happy Little Victories with MONOPOLY®: Bob Ross® – Available Now

Bob Ross Monopoly

Whether you’re feeling more of a mellow forest, or ambitiously moving snowy mountains, you’ll be so glad you joined us to play the most peaceful property trading game ever seen. MONOPOLY®: Bob Ross® lets you make all the decisions you want, and it’s available now!

The Ultimate Treasure Hunt is on the Table with MONOPOLY®: The Goonies – Available Now

Goonies Monopoly

Go full sail with 80s nostalgia and revisit a foundational family pastime combined with the wildest treasure hunt of your youth—but “first you gotta do the ‘Truffle Shuffle!’” MONOPOLY: The Goonies celebrates the 35th anniversary of the small-town gang’s unforgettable gold seeking adventure, and it’s available now!

A Grimdark Game of Strategic Conquest is Coming This Fall with RISK®: Warhammer 40,000®

Warhammer Risk

The chance to combine the quintessential strategy board game with the far future of the 41st millennium has finally arrived, and countless hours of enjoyment for fans of both of these world-renowned properties await. Dominate your opponents in battles set during the War of Beasts across Vigilus and control the far future this fall with RISK: Warhammer 40,000!

GODZILLA Passes GO and Collects $200 Whenever The Kaiju Wants in Its Own MONOPOLY® Game

Godzilla Monopoly

CARLSBAD, Calif.—February 12, 2020— usaopoly (The Op), a leading games publisher, in collaboration with Toho International, Inc., is excited for the North American launch of GODZILLA tabletop games: MONOPOLY® and JENGA®. From its debut on the big screen in 1954, there have been over 30 GODZILLA films made in Japan and the United States, and GODZILLA continues […]

Goonies Never Say Die as Warner Bros. Consumer Products and The Op team up for Monopoly Game

Goonies Monopoly

CARLSBAD, Calif.— February 6, 2020 — USAOPOLY (The Op), a leading tabletop games publisher is partnering with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, to offer a nostalgic mashup of the classic board game, Monopoly and The Goonies, the 1985 cult classic movie.   The comedic adventure, produced by Steven Spielberg, has become a classic favorite for movie lovers and was […]

Garbage Pail Kids and The Op Sign Deal to Pass GO and Collect $200

Garbage Pail Kids Monopoly

CARLSBAD, Calif.– January 21, 2020 – usaopoly (The Op), a leading tabletop games publisher, is teaming up with Topps, creator of the Garbage Pail Kids (GPK), to offer an irreverent and nostalgic version of one of the world’s most popular games, MONOPOLY®. The release of this new game coincides with GPK’s 35th anniversary, a year-long celebration of the brand’s […]

The Op Games Pairs with Sony Pictures Consumer Products to Cook Up Breaking Bad MONOPOLY®, TRIVIAL PURSUIT®, and More

Breaking Bad Monopoly

In case the traditional trivia and trading games were falling short for today’s Netflix specialists and dabbling capitalists, The Op Games and Sony Pictures Consumer Products have partnered to bring Breaking Bad versions of MONOPOLY®, TRIVIAL PURSUIT®, and puzzles to the table this year, paving the way for show buffs and gamers alike to self-righteously attribute their calculated […]

Encounter Allusions of Forgotten Realms with CLUE®: Dungeons & Dragons – Available Now

Relieve your regular Dungeon Master of their storytelling duties for a different kind of adventuring party, where fantasy roleplay meets murder mystery and a familiar world contains paths to new secrets. CLUE®: Dungeons & Dragons can now be yours! This Wizards of the Coast-sanctioned version of “The Classic Mystery Game” calls for readied imaginations to explore […]

Celebrate 30 Years of Your Favorite Animated Family with MONOPOLY®: The Simpsons

Don’t have a cow, man—the nuclear cartoon family that debuted as a short on the Tracy Ullman Show has been a full-fledged sitcom success for 30 years, and The Op has the perfect game for fans of The Simpsons just in time for their own dysfunctional family get-togethers this holiday season. MONOPOLY®: The Simpsons is now available! Mirroring the subtle variants […]

Play Games for National Best Friends Day with Rick and Morty, All Day Long Forever

Rick and Morty cartoon

For most people, taking a moment to acknowledge your number one pal on National Best Friends Day might mean calling up a childhood playmate, tagging a meme with your collegiate partner-in-crime, or texting an inside joke to a sibling. Other twosomes may not just be connected by blood, but by bonds formed out of garage […]

Battle for the Seven Kingdoms in the First Official Game of Thrones Collector’s Chess Set from USAopoly® and HBO® Licensing & Retail

Capture the king to claim the Iron Throne in the Game of Thrones Collector’s Chess Set this July! The series-inspired collector’s chess set takes on the final epic battle of Westeros versus the White Walkers, with the Night King and Viserion the Ice Dragon challenging Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen as each side’s respective King and Queen […]

Celebrate National Scrabble Day with SCRABBLE®: World of Harry Potter

Scrabble: World of Harry Potter is now available!

As National Scrabble Day stacks up your feeds with tributes to the classic crossword game, The OP is setting apart our praises by giving Harry Potter fans a doubly nerdy excuse to declare their literary obsessions with SCRABBLE® World of Harry Potter.

IT Takes Many Forms. Attempt to Contain the Evil with Forthcoming IT Games from The OP

An ancient evil lurking under the town of Derry, Maine rises from its slumber every 27 years to terrorize the town’s children, and Pennywise has yet again to emerge… this time, in eerily familiar forms that will take over your future game nights.  Surfacing soon to instill fear into your contented dice-rolling, location scouting rounds […]

Senior Wisdom For the Win! Test Your Knowledge with Trivial Pursuit: The Golden Girls

Picture it: A seven-year journey with your best friends (family, practically) from which you’ve taken away countless moments of prudence, humor, and sarcasm. Now, conveniently and carefully, the experience is packaged up like a freshly set cheesecake, ready to open whenever the moment calls for a slice of friendly competition.  Say goodbye to Shady Pines […]

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