Connect with Critical Role’s Adventurers in the “Vox Machina” Puzzle – Available Now

Critical Role Vox Machina Puzzle

Relive your introduction to the groundbreaking web series Critical Role as you piece together Vox Machina, a stunningly colorful 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle capturing the premier adventuring party in action, available now from The Op!

Take The Mighty Nein to Level 10 in MUNCHKIN®: Critical Role – Coming Soon!

Critical Role Munchkin

Earlier this year, we announced a new license uniting the award-winning tabletop classic Munchkin® with multimedia hit Critical Role in MUNCHKIN®: Critical Role. This 172-card standalone game is the newest addition to The Op’s imaginative line of co-branded Steve Jackson Games titles; munchkins and Critters, read on for a glimpse of the adventure that awaits you!

Get Your Favorite Critical Role Crew Together with “The Mighty Nein” Puzzle – Available Now

Critical Role Mighty Nein Puzzle

Wildemount’s motley adventurers are calling you to the table for an objective unlike any other you’ve joined thus far. The newest way to engage with your favorite characters of role-playing web series Critical Role has arrived and needs YOU to bring them together! “The Mighty Nein” 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle is now available!

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