Get Game Night Grilling With These Fun Bob’s Burgers Games & Puzzles

After 11 seasons of burger slinging shenanigans, the Belchers have garnered an extensive fan base and a reputation as one of TV’s favorite families. If you or someone you know can’t get enough of Bob’s Burgers, The Op has all the ingredients you’ll need for a memorable game night with your fast food fanatics.

More “Mystery” Than “Meat”. CLUE: Bob’s Burgers is Now On the Menu!

Perhaps Bob and Linda Belcher thought hosting a dinner party was one way to share their namesake fare without a glaring health inspection. But protests and grease traps have been replaced with an even bigger problem for the restaurateurs, now that guest “Ned Boddy” has wound up dead! Bob’s Burgers undergoes yet another grand opening as a […]

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