Insider Look – The Batman Who Laughs

The Batman Who Laughs Rising

In order to save our universe, you and your friends will need to recruit additional heroes while defeating The Batman Who Laughs’ evil Dark Knights by rolling dice and matching symbols to their cards. Adding heroes to your team will give you additional dice every turn, allow you to heal your heroes, manipulate your dice results, and other heroic effects.

Fixated: Pride and Rides are Up for the Taking in these Latest Jigsaw Puzzles from The Op – June 2021

Batman "I Am the Night" jigsaw puzzle

If the latest crop of The Op Puzzles is any sign of what to expect this summer, June gloom is hardly in the forecast. A prism of characters you’ve seen on the small screen can now be found in jumbled pieces on your tabletop, ready to transport you to various places you’ve probably been missing.

Bring Game Night to Gotham City With These Batman Games and Puzzles

Batman games and puzzles

Since dedicating his life to the crusade against injustice in Gotham City, Batman (aka Bruce Wayne) has soared to incredible heights and become one of the most iconic fictional characters in history. His adventures both in the comics and on the screen make many fans want to be a part of the action, and now you can!

Go Further into Darkness to Overtake Evil in The Batman Who Laughs Rising – Available Now

The Batman Who Laughs Rising

A terrifying side of Batman you’ve never seen is taunting you to cross paths with him and his host of the most dangerous DC Super-Villains this side of Gotham City in The Batman Who Laughs Rising—the latest and darkest addition to The Op’s Rising line of cooperative card and dice games—and it’s available now, if you dare!

Fear is the Enemy in The Batman Who Laughs™ Rising – Coming Soon from The Op

The Batman Who Laughs Rising

One of DC’s most sinister characters is bringing his darkness from the comics to the tabletop, but don’t let the familiar silhouette fool you—the sight of this twisted villain from the Dark Nights: Metal series will make you do a double take. The latest to join the ranks of board games’ greatest foes is coming soon in The Batman Who Laughs Rising!

Get an Inside Look at Talisman: Batman™ Super-Villains Edition—Available Now!

Talisman: Batman Super-Villains board game

When the news broke that The OP was partnering with DC and Games Workshop to bring Talisman: Batman™ Super-Villains Edition to market this year, we joined fans and the hobby game community in feeling the excitement like a gust from a fleeting bat colony. Through a series of social media posts, underground glimpses and sneak […]

The Bad Guys Make a Break for it This Summer in Talisman: Batman™ Super-Villains Edition

Something conspicuous is emerging from Gotham City and inching into The OP’s searchlight, becoming just visible enough to reveal motives and strategies distinctive of the city’s insane asylum. New details are pointing to this “breakout” title that might put more speculation to rest among a most recently excitable hobby game community. The product at large […]

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