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The Op Games is proud to bring exciting versions of their award-winning board games to the palm of your hand. Take the fun on the go, play wherever you are, laugh with friends around the world - there is something for everyone!

Telestrations Digital

Get ready to laugh on the go with Telestrations Digital - the popular party game has gone digital with this exciting new version available for iOS and Android devices!

Featuring the same laugh-out-loud fun and excitement, Telestrations Digital will let you draw, guess, and laugh with friends in the same room or across the globe!


Download Link: Telestrations Digital

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will Telestrations Digital become available in my area?

Telestrations Digital will soon be entering soft launch and will initially be available in limited markets for beta testing. Throughout the soft launch period, we will be testing and iterating on the gameplay experience as we gather feedback from our beta testers. Register your email address to receive the latest updates and find out when the app will be available for you.

Which email should I use to pre-register?

Register an email address you would like to receive emails from The Op Digital. You will receive updates about Telestrations Digital and other, upcoming game announcements and availabilies.

Why did I receive an error when registering my email?

Some devices and their native web browsers may encounter issues during registration. Try using another device or web browser if you receive an error message.