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Add new characters, cards, and game mechanics to the battle

With so many different combinations of characters coming into play at any time, the replayability is endless. The time has come to find out how both heroes and villains can prevail in unpredictable ways, with you mastering every move!

Experience the hands-on thrill of battling in the Arena!

The challenge of the Arena is yours to accept in this Disney and Pixar boardgame battle royale, where each characters’ every move and their unique abilities are in your hands as a powerful Summoner! Answer the call to determine your legacy in this expandable game for players of all skill levels.

Recruit different characters and harness their skills

While strategizing their way to victory, fans will enjoy the rich character art and stylized design elements built into Epic Alliances’ tabletop components, as seen in the character standees down to the Battle Cards and various effect details.

Players can expect future Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances expansion packs rolling out, adding new characters, cards, and game mechanics to the battle.