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Earn Your Hogwarts House Points and Win the Harry Potter House Cup Competition – Available Now

Wands at the ready! Harry Potter: House Cup Competition is finally here! The Op is excited to introduce the first Wizarding World-inspired “worker placement” game that challenges Harry Potter fans to fill the iconic Hogwarts House hourglasses for the chance to win the coveted House Cup.

Harry Potter: House Cup Competition

Rivalry intensifies as students are only able to take Lessons for which they meet Level requirements. Feeling impulsive? Let your students work together to complete an easy Challenge and start reaping rewards! Or, slowly and steadily work under the radar to increase your students’ Levels and tackle Advanced Challenges for even more points. Use your knowledge of the characters to create a strategy based on how your House might choose to advance, as the game’s design facilitates playing on their strengths.

Harry Potter™: House Cup Competition

Harry Potter™: House Cup Competition

Each double-layered player board holds ornate House Cup level trackers that allow you to assess your students’ skills at a glance, measuring their competencies in Potions, Charms, and Defense Against the Dark Arts—all true to witches’ and wizards’ areas of expertise. But the showstopping visual is in the interactive tabletop display of Hogwarts House Point Hourglasses, which players will be thrilled to fill upon every score with a telltale clink of red, blue, amber, or green gems. Watch the levels of competition rise!

Count the gems for a total score after the seven rounds to see who wins the House Cup! With points awarded not only per gem, but for final Levels and leftover Knowledge and Magic tokens, predicting the final victor just by the appearance of the hourglasses may take you by surprise!

 Harry Potter: House Cup Competition is for 2-4 players, ages 11 and up, with a playtime of around 75 minutes. Own it today by contacting your favorite local game store, or heading to The Op’s online shop! Want to show off how high your House stacked up? Share photos of your setup by tagging @theopgames on our FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, and for other titles you and your family can enjoy, check out the entire collection of officially licensed Harry Potter puzzles and games at

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