Retro-Activate Your #1 LOL Party Game with All-New Content! The Telestrations® 80s & 90s Expansion Pack is Available Now from The Op!

Telestrations 80s 90s Expansion

Pump up your high-tops and layer on the hairspray for a game night that will transport you back to the prime of florescent fashion, synthetic sounds, and dreamy teen idols! Telestrations, The Op’s award-winning “Telephone Game” sketched out, has been retrofitted with an all-new pack of radical words to add even more LOL moments to your best party game. The highly requested Telestrations 80s and 90s Expansion Pack will guarantee flashbacks to the max, and it’s available now to enhance your 6 Player Family Pack, 8 Player Original, 12 Players Party Pack, and After Dark Telestrations games!

Telestrations 80s 90s Expansion

Packed with over 600 words inspired by the end of the 20th century, the Telestrations 80s and 90s Expansion Pack will remind you of words and phrases that haven’t crossed your mind in, like, forever! Find out what your friends and family know and remember about their most transformative years with 50 double-sided cards that let you flip between the two decades. This Side will have you sketching out 80’s tunes, fads, sayings, and more, while That Side pays a tribute to the 90s, which are just recently starting to rear its highlighted head for a comeback!

Telestrations 80s 90s Expansion
Telestrations 80s 90s Expansion

“We are excited to bring more Telestrations content to a game that has brought so much laughter and joy to millions of players around the world,” said John M. Davis, President and CEO.

Telestrations 80s and 90s Expansion Pack is for ages 12 and up. Get it only online from Amazon or right here in The Op’s online shop! Add it to your current collection of #1 LOL party games such as Telestrations 6 Player Family Pack, Telestrations 8 Player, Telestrations 12 Player and Telestrations After Dark for a detour of purity for the 18+ crowd. And if you’re going to build a time machine into a deck of cards, why not do it with some style? Tag us using @theopgames, #Telestrations and #Telestrations80s90s in pics of your retro game nights for a chance to be featured on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Make game night a blast from the past with Telestrations!

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