Make Game Night Dreams Come True With These Disney Board Games

Do you know what Disney and board games have in common? They’re fun for people of all ages! Combining the imaginative storytelling that Disney has mastered with your family game nights is a great way to spend time together and make magical memories you’ll always cherish. 

Discover a whole new world of gaming from our list of the best Disney-themed tabletop games! 

Quests of Yore: Barley’s Edition

Featuring the folk and lore of the Disney and Pixar film, players take on the roles of travelers and a storytelling Quest Master as they’re guided through 11 quests, testing their individual and cooperative strength and teamwork. Encounters with elves, goblins, dragons, and of course The Manticore drive imagination that inspires every move of its given characters… and of those created at the table!

Fashioned to look and feel as though the Ian’s excitable brother has loaned out his well-loved personal copy of the game, players of this “Barley’s Edition” will discover his notes, tips, and drawings for how to play and apply them to their own sessions, whether acting as the Quest Master (determining the outcomes of every decision and roll) or being guided as a traveler and assessing every situation before improvising their own actions.

Disney KINGDOM HEARTS Perilous Pursuit

Harness your heroic skills to save Traverse Town, Destiny Islands, Disney Castle, and other sacred lands from being dominated by these destructive beings and prove the unbeatable power of friendship. Players will take on the roles of Sora, Goofy, Donald Duck, Kairi, and Riku and face unpredictability around every corner as they work together to seal the Doors of Darkness. Only with determination and the best use of their luck and strategy can each character activate the skills and abilities needed to reclaim the Realm of Light!

Disney Mickey And Friends Food Fight

Wind up for a memorable and hilarious good time with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy in a fast-paced game of dexterity! Inspired by the loveable Disney animated short, “No Service!”, Disney Mickey And Friends Food Fight lets you fend for yourself in a rush to get rid of the food in front of you. Even better, it’s all the items we love to grab from the Snack Shack!

Munchkin: Disney

The humorous role-playing card game meets the Wonderful World of Disney! 

In Munchkin: Disney, choose from a selection of roles such as the Heroine, Villain, Sidekick, Adventurer, Dreamer, and Animal Friend before recruiting your favorite animated characters and equipping familiar items to aid you in your quest to Level 10. However, wicked Disney villains and other players will try to throw off your progress with their own tricks. It’s up to you to strategize your way to victory as you face unexpected challenges and obstacles. It’s the perfect competitive game for any Disney fan! 

Disney Munchkin

Geek Out! Disney

Those who claim to be the Disney expert now have the chance to prove it! Geek Out! Disney is a social interaction and trivia-based party game in which Disney connoisseurs try to “out-geek” each other by out-bidding and completing challenges spanning almost a century of Disney magic. 

The game is designed to encourage debate and discussion, making even the most dedicated Mouseketeers question how much they know outside of their wheelhouse. The first player to reach 5 points wins the game! 

CODENAMES: Disney Family Edition

CODENAMES: Disney Family Edition
Team up with your fellow Disney fans to identity characters, locations, and items in CODENAMES: Disney Family Edition, a quick and easy-to-learn social word game. Two Cluemasters will give one-word clues to help their teammates identify their team’s Treasure Cards from a 25 card grid. The first team to identify all of their Treasure cards wins the game! Including both pictures and words, it’s family fun for Disney fans of all ages.

Disney Codenames

CLUE®: Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

Solve the mystery of WHO kidnapped him, WHAT item was used and WHERE he was hidden in time to save Christmas!

YAHTZEE®: Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

America’s most popular dice game gets a Halloween Town spin. Featuring custom dice graced by characters such as Oogie Boogie, the Mayor, Sally, and a dice cup resembling the head of Jack Skellington, YAHTZEE: Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is a frightfully fun game ideal for collectors and fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Nightmare Before Christmas Yahtzee

OPERATION®: Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

In OPERATION: The Nightmare Before Christmas, players will assist Jack Skellington, Dr. Finkelstein, Lock, Shock, and Barrel in removing ghastly Funatomy parts from the patient, Oogie Boogie.

A steady hand will be required to clear out items such as a snake, spider, and dice, but if you falter and trigger Oogie Boogie, he’ll be sure to speak up with recognizable quotes from the film.

Collectible Dice Set

Enjoy your next game night with a variety of fun, colorful, and unique dice sets featuring your favorite Disney films!

Check out some of these popular dice games to play!

Talisman: Disney Kingdom Hearts Edition

Calling on the bravest of hearts to save the magical worlds of Disney from the Heartless! In Talisman: Disney Kingdom Hearts, adventurers will take on the roles of Kingdom Hearts heroes including Sora, Kairi, and King Mickey to explore the realms that comprise the eye-grabbing game board. The first player to defeat Ansem and seal the Door to Darkness is the winner!

Whether you’re a fan of the original Kingdom Hearts video game or intricate strategy games, this tabletop quest is a must for your collection!

Kingdom Hearts Talisman

Collectible RUBIK’S® Cubes

Looking for a challenge? Check out these collectible Rubik’s Cubes featuring your favorite Disney characters and more!

Which of these Disney board games are you most excited to play next? We’d love to see magic happening at your tabletop! Share your family game night photos and videos with us on social media using #TheOpGames or tagging us for a chance to be featured on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Thanks for playing!

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