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Chances are you and your family have some traveling to catch up on these coming months, so if you need a personal and super portable way to take along some fun, The Op’s got you covered with a classic dice game everyone already knows (with an exciting pop-culture twist)! Left Right Center is our newest, easy-to-learn way to enjoy the universal party favorite, and these officially licensed versions are available now for you to shake things up this summer!

This fast-paced game of mostly luck means anyone can play and win! Start by rolling 1 die for each token you have in front of you (which means you can roll up to three dice). The dice results will determine which directions to pass your tokens: “L” means they go to your Left, “R” means they move to the Right, and “C” means they must go into a Center pile. Getting a non-alphabetic symbol means nothing happens, so hold on to that token and the next person completes their turn. The last player with any chips wins the game!

With rules this simple, the hardest part will be choosing which edition to pop open and play!

Batman Left Right Center

Holy throwback, Batman! This set’s vintage aesthetic of DC’s Batman and his maniacal archnemesis The Joker will have you playing for good or evil with Batman Left Right Center. Three custom 6-sided dice featuring the Batman logo plus matching Batman and The Joker-faced chip tokens all store inside an illustrated, travel-friendly tube to protect your wins and avenge your losses.

Left Right Center Batman

Elf Left Right Center

“Treat every day like Christmas” as The Code of Elves goes, so gather three or more other fans of your favorite holiday movie for a game of Elf Left Right Center! These 6-sided dice feature a gumdrop, candy cane, and syrup from the movie’s “elf four main food groups” and come with Buddy the Elf tokens in a candy-striped tube so you can start spreading cheer in a way that’s a little more practical than public singing.

Left Right Center Elf

Seinfeld Left Right Center

Double-dipping might be kind of necessary with the chips you’ll be passing throughout a hectic game of Seinfeld Left Right Center. Relive the laughs from the classic 90’s sitcom as you move tokens featuring Kramer, Elaine, George, and Jerry’s faces, roll custom Seinfeld logo dice, and resist calling out the phrase “No chips for you” when your empty-handed neighbor hopes you’ll keep them in the game. Keep the pieces sealed up in the character outfitted tube to make sure nothing meets the fate of that infamous Junior Mint.

Left Right Center Seinfeld

Friends Left Right Center

“The One with the LRC” will be your new favorite memory once you get the crew together for Friends Left Right Center. Find out who’ll be there for you when you roll 6-sided dice featuring the iconic fountain, orange couch, and picture frame peephole and move Pheobe, Monica, Rachel, Joey, Ross, and Chandler-mugged tokens to be the last roomie with anything left. Keep the drama contained in the Friends logo printed tube to be sure you don’t leave the apartment empty-handed.

Left Right Center Friends

Rick and Morty Left Right Center

Go multi-directional and interdimensional when you join Adult Swim’s hilarious duo to play Rick and Morty Left Right Center! Three neon green lettered, six-sided dice and tokens featuring Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith’s respectively amused and anxious expressions are all sealed up in a matching travel-friendly tube to take on your next adventure.

Left Right Center Rick and Morty

Each Left Right Center blister pack contains 3 Dice, 24 Chip Tokens, and Rules, and all are for ages 6 and up unless otherwise noted. Get them for $7.99 at your local game store or find these among our large selection of other games made with your favorite franchises in The Op’s online shop! For even higher stakes in this game, replace the tokens with candy, coins, or other palm-sized prizes and show us your final haul. Tag @theopgames and use #hashtag in your photos for a chance to be featured on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

BATMAN and all related characters and elements © & ™ DC. (s21) ELF and all related characters and elements © & ™ New Line Productions, Inc. (s21) SEINFELD and all related characters and elements © & ™ Castle Rock Entertainment. (s21) FRIENDS and all related characters and elements © & ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s21) RICK AND MORTY and all related characters and elements © & ™ Cartoon Network. (s21) on page 3

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