Go from Day to Night at Disney with CLUE®: Disney Villains and CANDYLAND®: The Disney Theme Park Edition Exclusive Board Games, Available Now!

CLUE: Disney Villains

For Disney fans who are partial to the darker side of fairytales now arrives an exclusive creation that pairs a classic mystery game with your favorite wicked icons. CLUE: Disney Villains lets you piece together a plot as infamous evildoers, and it’s available now!

Mischief and mayhem are in the air as a mysterious spell has opened passages to nine ominous realms, conjuring Disney’s most sinister characters to vie for what the others may have—an enchanted object hidden away in one of their dwellings. Dare to enter the villains’ lairs to deduce WHAT the magical item is, WHO has taken it for their benefit, and WHERE among the nine realms it can be recovered! Six custom sculpted tokens represent memorable symbols from the villains’ stories: a scepter, scarab, talisman, shell, poison vial, and apple.

Could Sultan’s Palace be the fortress where Maleficent has hidden a shell? Or can a voodoo talisman be found in Jafar’s possession, Fathoms Below? Maybe rule out The Mirror Room as the place where the scepter was not placed by Dr. Facilier, because it might be the Graveyard!

CLUE: Disney Villains is for 2-6 players, ages 8 and up, with a 45-minute playtime. Practice your best impressions and open up this collectible storybook version of CLUE® to claim victory with a cackle!

Available now from ShopDisney.com!
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CANDYLAND: The Disney Theme Park Edition

And when it’s time to transform the activity table into a fun-filled adventure for the little ones, CANDYLAND: The Disney Theme Park Edition is your fastest pass there! Find all of your favorite friends and rides now in a custom version of the sweetest classic children’s game!

This fresh and eye-catching CANDYLAND takes your family through a vibrant path to visit Adventureland, Tomorrowland, and Fantasyland areas while you count and match colors and pictures. Choose from specially sculpted movers of a pirate ship, train, teacup or carousel horse to go up, down, and across the board where Disney characters from all of worlds and eras are at every turn! You’ll see Stitch zooming by Tomorrowland, spot Winnie the Pooh and Tigger playing in honey, and say hi to Snow White and Dopey on the way to It’s a Small World. With smiling faces around every corner, everyone will love seeing if they can name them all!

Just like the original game, there are shortcuts by the swift White Rabbit that speed you up, or by Goofy that have you going back to get autographs. Feeling hungry? You can almost taste the nostalgic snacks that show up along the path, like the Mickey pretzel, ice cream bar, Dole Whip, and popcorn. Gobble them up to keep you going in the race to reach the castle first and win! CANDYLAND: The Disney Theme Park Edition is for 2 to 4 player, ages 3 and up.

Expected available date of 11/23 from ShopDisney.com!
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Don’t miss your chance to enjoy Disney theme parks at home and pick up CLUE: Disney Villains, CANDYLAND: The Disney Theme Parks Edition, as well as PERFECTION®: Disney Parks Edition and The Game of Life® The Haunted Mansion® Disney Theme Park Edition at ShopDisney.com! Want to share your Disney board game memories with us and other fans? Post your photos of these games with hashtag #theopgames and mention @theopgames for a chance to be featured on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For a look at other officially licensed Disney games your friends and family will love, visit TheOp.games!

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