What’s the Deal with This Mystery Game? CLUE®: Seinfeld Collector’s Edition is Available Now

The most amusing urbanites you know from the 90s are returning to your living room for a hilarious guessing game only a sitcom could set up! Take on the roles of TV characters Jerry, Elaine, George, and more to solve a mail delivery mystery in CLUE: Seinfeld Collector’s Edition, available now only from Hot Topic!

Clue Seinfeld

The neighborhood’s pesky postman, Newman, is determined as ever to spread the dirt on the inseparable friends and anyone else he can harass—that is, until someone knocks him out before his newsletter gets in the public’s hands! Walk around in the acid wash jeans of your favorite observational comedian and his crew to whittle down WHO took out Newman, WHAT weapon they used, and WHERE the gossip rags were stashed away!

Roll the dice to move around with funny man Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza, Elaine Benes, her boss Peterman, spasmic tenant Kramer, and car salesman Puddy, who each come with their own Personality card and special Power. Start a rumor to pair them with one of six custom-sculpted weapons in a location where you think the crime was committed, and keep track of notes on your Monk’s napkin. Covering the game’s nine locations from throughout New York will remind you of classic Seinfeld memories and mishaps, such as soup kitchen, George’s office, Chinese restaurant, car dealership, and more!

Did Puddy put the missing papers in Monk’s restaurant after hitting Newman with the Festivus Pole? Or could Kramer have burst through the door of Jerry’s apartment after wielding a can of Beef-A-Reeno? The Comedy Club holds all the options as you deduce the guilty party, scene of the crime, the incriminating object, yada yada yada… and figure it all out correctly to win!

CLUE: Seinfeld Collector’s Edition is for 3-6 players, ages 9 and up, and you don’t need to have seen “the show about nothing” to start making discoveries, although quoting the show’s catchphrases will guarantee you’ll come across laughs. Get it now exclusively online at HotTopic.com and have a game night with all clues—and soup—you want.

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