Leave Room for Happy Little Victories with MONOPOLY®: Bob Ross® – Available Now

Bob Ross Monopoly

Whether you’re feeling more of a mellow forest, or ambitiously moving snowy mountains, you’ll be so glad you joined us to play the most peaceful property trading game ever seen. MONOPOLY: Bob Ross lets you make all the decisions you want, and it’s available now!

Bring the endless possibilities from TV’s The Joy of Painting® series into your game room as you buy, sell, and trade works of art by 80s icon Bob Ross for the most riches! Shake the devil out of the dice and layer strategies against your precious little opponents to bankrupt them and win!

Start creating the world you want by choosing one of six custom-sculpted tokens, fashioned after symbols often painted by the optimistic artist: a fence, owl, squirrel, and pine tree, along with his tools, an easel and palette. Use them to canvas the board and lay down Cabins and Covered Bridges on 28 spaces named after his paintings, including Winter Hideaway, The Magic of Fall, and Tropical Seascape. It’s a little easy to overdo like piling on the happy little trees and friendly bushes, so by all means, get carried away!

Create an illusion of distance by charging rent through pigment-inspired railroad spaces such as Yellow Ochre, Sap Green, Alizarin Crimson, and Phthalo Blue. “Happy Little Accidents” Chance cards or The Joy of Painting® (Community Chest) lets you take advantage of whatever happens! Faux matte Happy Bucks featuring Bob Ross’s signature and trademark coif display every dollar increment with a smile, so you’ll want to request utility payments on Two-Inch Brush and Painting Knife through soft-spoken suggestions.

Cue the soft jazz and double-prime your working area for playful strokes or harsh lines that will hopefully get you the outcome you had in mind. There’s only one bravery test to find out! Pick up MONOPOLY: Bob Ross, made for 2-6 players ages 8 and up, for $39.99 from wherever you buy games or right here on The Op online. Mix it up on game night and show us the finished product by tagging @theopgames and hashtag #theopgames for a chance to have your interpretation of victory shared on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! But no pressure, absolutely, no pressure!

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