Team Up for Laughter with Telestrations®: Upside Drawn – Available Now from The Op!

Telestrations®: Upside Drawn

From the makers of the multi-award winning, laugh-out-loud party game Telestrations comes Telestrations: Upside Drawn, a fun new way to miscommunicate! Telestrations: Upside Drawn puts a teamwork spin on “The Telephone Game Sketched Out” by putting the pen in one person’s hand, and control of the board in another’s! Only through “Up” or “Down” directives can the team put the pen and board together as they race to guess the crazy drawings the fastest! It’s a family party game that’ll turn your game night upside down! Telestrations: Upside Drawn is available now from The Op!

Here’s how to prepare for the race! After splitting up into teams of two, each pair is equipped with a dry-erase board and marker. The person “directing” controls the board from one side, while their teammate waits with marker in hand. The roll of a die reveals one of six categories, and the “directors” choose a clue from a double-sided card before letting the other board handlers in on the secret. Then it’s time to start! The director on each team can only do three things: Say “Up!”, “Down!”, and use both hands to maneuver the board.

The guessers are clueless until they are told “Up” or “Down”, at which point they can lift the marker up or set it down on the board to sketch. The Director will also simultaneously shift the board underneath to make lines and shapes to get their teammate to guess the word correctly. Directors can also point to the cues on the side of the board that indicate “Hot”, “Cold”, “Sounds like”, and other hints to help their partner guess.

Everyone keeps guessing as the sketches come to life! Either whisper the guess between teammates so as to not tip off opposing teams, or you can shout it out and be heard! Make sure you are the first to get it right, or you might give the secret word away to the other teams! Points are awarded based on category, and the first team to reach 20 points wins!

Telestrations: Upside Drawn is for 4-12 players, ages 12 and up, with each memorable game lasting about 20 minutes! Be ready for belly laughs as you take turns in each role and pile up the points with your sketches! Get this all new edition of Telestrations from game designer Kane Klenko (creator of Flip Ships, Dead Mean Tell No Tales) for $19.99 from Target, local game stores, or, where you can also find other versions of Telestrations on our website.

Is your teamwork to thank for an unforgettable laugh-out-loud sketch? Share the laugher and spread the fun by tagging @theopgames and using hashtags #TelestrationsUpsideDrawn, #telestrations, or #theopgames for a chance to be featured on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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