Move Fast and Help Wildlife Find Their Homes in National Parks: Get Wild – Available Now

Appreciating the majesty of our national parks doesn’t have to be limited to your next visit! With a wide array of iconic views, exciting activities, and countless opportunities to engage with history, culture, and nature, it’s no wonder the parks typically attract more than 300 million visits from around the world each year. Not only are the parks a peaceful escape, but they also serve a home to all kinds of wildlife that inhabit these important places!

With that, there’s never been a better time than now to journey to our land’s favorite public lands! National Parks: Get Wild is a “frenzied game of wildlife wrangling”—and your family’s ticket to an adventurous at-home getaway! 

Fun, educational, and packed with laughs, this fast-paced game of dexterity is the latest addition to The Op’s eye-catching National Parks collection honoring our country’s greatest treasures. The U.S. is home to over 419 national park sites—a dozen of them within reach upon taking home and opening this fun and colorful box. Inside you’ll find six double-sided, beautifully illustrated player boards depicting world-famous national parks such as Everglades, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Zion National Park and more! Each board features unique wildlife native to the park.

Sea turtles, black bears, bison, bald eagles, lynxes, and rattlesnakes are all found in two of the provided national parks, and it’s the players’ jobs to make sure they’re in the park they call home! 60 tokens represent these groups of wildlife, collected in the center of the table on a map at the beginning of the game. As soon as a chosen player shouts “Vacation!”, it’s time to start rolling your personal sets of dice to determine what animal can be moved, how many of them, and where they can be moved. With three kinds of dice per player (Animal Type, Quantity, and Direction) and simultaneous, nonstop dice rolls, this is where things GET WILD!

On one turn, you could be reclaiming your native animal for your park. On the next turn, you could be moving an animal that’s not yours to a park that’s not theirs either! The round ends as soon as someone has only their native animal at home in their park. The first person to reach 20 points wins—and with three different ways to play, the outcomes are unpredictable and endless! It’s a quick-thinking challenge in which everyone is moving so quickly they don’t realize how much they are learning!

While we are all playing this game to keep our minds and bodies active, looking ahead to preserve the real national parks is just as important. That’s why a royalty from every purchase of Get Wild supports the National Park Foundation’s mission to preserve and protect the parks for future generations! And as with all National Parks titles, check out the included Adventure Guide for “Fun Animal Facts” that will enrich game time with a lesson for everyone.

National Parks: Get Wild is made for 3-6 players, ages 6 and up, with a 20-minute playtime. Get ready to let the animals loose because the game is available now! Contact your favorite local game store to ask for it by name, or Shop The Op and place an order today. There you will also find MONOPOLY®: National Parks, TRIVIAL PURSUIT®: National Parks Travel Edition, YAHTZEE®: National Parks Edition, and JENGA®: National Parks Edition for yourself and other nature lovers! Find out how your number one national park is featured, share your native animal of choice with us by using the hashtag #NPGetWild on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and tag us using @theopgames.

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