Celebrate Father’s Day – Bob Belcher Style!

Being a dad is never easy, but Bob Belcher from TV’s Bob’s Burgers has managed to set the bar high. Not that his life is easy. His eldest daughter Tina is on the cusp of womanhood with an obsession for butts and lust in her heart for Jimmy Pesto Jr., son of her dad’s nemesis Jimmy Pesto. And then there is Gene, the awkward middle child with a love of music (often enhanced with fart sounds). And last but not least, Louise, the youngest and perhaps smartest of the Belcher clan, who uses her smarts to control and manipulate others.

Add to the mix Bob’s deep desire to make his neighborhood burger restaurant a success and Bob’s life is nothing short of challenging. Despite all the craziness in his life, with his loving wife Linda by his side, Bob always manages to put his family first.

Whether it is donning a purple horse costume and going undercover at Equestra Con to reclaim Tina’s rare toy pony or taking on a second job driving a taxi to pay for a birthday party – Bob will always go the extra mile for the Belcher clan. So this Father’s Day we salute dads (and Bob’s Burger fans) everywhere with custom Bob’s Burger board games that every dad would love!

Frantically Flip Food with Bob’s Burgers: Belcher Family Food Fight

Gather the family around the table and join Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, Louise, and Teddy to pitch everything but the kitchen sink at your opponents! Bob’s Burgers: Belcher Family Food Fight is a fast-paced, family food flying game that lets you to roll the dice and fling food around the table without sparing a second. Be the first player to clear your place to claim a spatula – the first to three spatulas wins!

Combining Clue and Bob’s Burgers makes a Tasty Recipe

Join the Belcher family in a ‘whodunit’ that’s more mindboggling than finding mayonnaise in the microwave. In CLUE: Bob’s Burgers, players piece together the answers to WHO killed ‘Ned Boddy’, WHAT weapon was left behind, and WHICH room of the apartment was the scene of the crime! The collectible game is illustrated by the show creators themselves and includes a custom Clue board, six Rumor Cards for each of the suspects, nine locations, and six metal tokens to represent the weapons, which include a Burger Phone, Spatula, Horcelain, Wine Bottle, Kuchi Kopi, and Gene’s Keyboard!

Build the Belcher Family with a Bob’s Burgers Puzzle

There’s no fire or health scare this time, but now you can piece together the Belcher family in one of these awesome, collectible jigsaw puzzles! Whether it’s the Belcher’s in Space, a Family Portrait, or Burger Dreams – these 1000 piece puzzles are hot off the grill and made to order for everyone!

JENGA®: Bob’s Burgers Edition: Jimmy Pesto’s Devilish Demise

Build a time-honored tower that pays tribute to your favorite TV dad with the custom themed JENGA: Bob’s Burgers Edition. Players control an 8-bit Burger Boss on a mission to eliminate ingredients and move up the levels to beat Jimmy Pesto’s high score.

You’ll Flip for MONOPOLY®: Bob’s Burgers Edition

Channel your inner Louise as you buy, sell and trade locations from “Seymour’s Bay” while reliving your favorite moments from the show. Maneuver custom tokens featuring Bob, Louise, Linda, Gene, Teddy and Tina as you wheel and deal iconic locations like Wagstaff School, Jimmy Pesto’s Pizzeria, Wonder Wharf and Beville’s. And the custom game board, Chance and Community Chest illustrations by the show team make MONOPOLY: Bob’s Burgers Edition extra tasty!

Monopoly Bob's Burgers

This Father’s Day, celebrate the dads in your life by treating yourself to these custom Bob’s Burgers games and pay tribute to all that is Bob!

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