All Paws on Deck! The Rock Paper Scissors Card Game Super Cats from The Op is Out Now

Our pets’ daily routines are becoming more familiar to us as we spend each day staying in, napping, and playing with toys to pass the time, but a quick and easy way to supercharge domestic life is here thanks to our work with GRRRE Games to bring fans this brand new release! Battle the inevitable dog days of summer with a rock-paper-scissors style card game for the whole family. Super Cats is available now, and “rochambo” has never been more ferocious!

In Super Cats, the simultaneous shape-throwing mechanic is used to pit players against each other as prospective cats, as well as combine them in a cooperative twist that embodies a boss RoboDog! Be the first with five Super Cats to become the souped-up Hero, who then takes on the mechanical mutt controlled by the remaining players. Driven by luck and strategy, the old two-person pastime is fused with visuals to create a new and different story every time.

Once all five of a player’s cats are upgraded, it’s time for Episode 2’s faceoff with RoboDog! Overtake the other players by revealing a unique number with your hand that’s higher than theirs. As with Super Cats, players joining forces as the enemy all shout “RO..BO…DOG!” and if the Hero’s number is the same or lower, he or she is weakened. Cards based on those numbers are taken away from each respective side until either the Hero or RoboDog prevails!

Super Cats card game

Pairing the work of game designer all-stars including Antoine Bauza (7 Wonders, Hanabi) with eye-grabbing animal illustrations, the 53-card deck arms players with hilariously outfitted characters that fuel imaginations for all ages, such as a rainbow-adorned Shorthair and ninja star-equipped Siamese. Red and blue focal point RoboDog is armed with buzzing gears, claws, and projectiles to keep the Super Cat powers at bay! Rules for 3-, 5-, and 6-player games add exceptions and special Super Meow moves for ultimate replay-ability.

Super Cats is available now for $9.99 from your favorite local game store or online retailer! Fight like cats and dogs with 3 to 6 players, ages 8 and up, in 15-minute rounds that families can play anywhere thanks to the compact palm-sized card deck. To be a part of the action, follow The Op on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and share photos of your skirmishes and use hashtag #TheOpSuperCats to show-off your feline or canine victor!

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