Get Fixated on This Month’s Jigsaw Puzzles from The Op – May 2020

Welcome to the first edition of Fixated, a monthly wrap-up of The Op’s newest jigsaw puzzle arrivals, all available now for every ages and themes to fit your quarantine needs! If “April showers bring May flowers”, this month’s bloom features some ol’ buds from the 80s, plus “The One Who Knocks” for a pop of yellow and green, for a five 19″ x 27″ puzzle bouquet that’s all tied up with a naughty DC character knot. What would be your pick from the selection below?

Garbage Pail Kids “Yuck” 1,000-piece Puzzle

Garbage Pail Kids "Yuck" 1000 Piece Puzzle

The gross-out graphics of Topps’ Garbage Pail Kids sticker cards found their way into the hands of rebellious youth in 1985, and 35 years later, the radically flowing bodily fluids, flames, and funny business is back to bring shock value in the form of the ultimate giggle-inducing pastime. “Yuck” perfectly encompasses the collage of this 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle illustrated by GPK fan favorite artist Joe Simko, and captures characters like Adam Bomb, Scary Carrie, Hippie Skippy, and New Wave Dave for the young at heart and future fans ages 9 and up.

The Golden Girls “I Heart Miami” 1,000-piece Puzzle

Golden Girls "I Heart Miami" 1000 Piece Puzzle

“Picture it…” Loveable foursome The Golden Girls in a different light than how you’re used to seeing them on the small screen—quietly smiling and ready to frame! These wise and witty retirees, whose unforgettable seven-year series run is being relived thanks to today’s streaming platforms, can make a personal appearance from your tabletop thanks to this “I Heart Miami” family portrait with a gator plush representing their city’s resident reptile. For ages 9 and up.

Breaking Bad “Breaking Bad” 1,000-piece Puzzle

Breaking Bad 1000 Piece Puzzle

With cancelled plans clearing our calendars, close-knit nights together to binge Netflix shows are in short order, and what other series cooks up these elements better than award-winning AMC series, Breaking Bad? This 1,000 piece “Breaking Bad” puzzle is the one that knocks with the answer to a thematic viewing party where hazmat suits are completely optional. Walter White sits regally for a rest as Heisenberg among the evidence (and earnings) of his flourishing side business, perfect for testing the patience and attention to detail of fans ages 17 and up.

Joker “Clown Prince of Crime” 1,000-piece Puzzle

Joker puzzle

What was originally intended as a cover for a project that never panned out for comic book artist Alex Ross is now available in the form of a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle, for DC universe fans to take home and piece together when they’re feeling particularly fearless. Witness Batman’s arch-enemy come to life in “Clown Prince of Crime”, a dramatic headshot from the artist’s Portraits of Villainy collection that you will have you plotting. For ages 9 and up.

Harley Quinn “Die Laughing” 1,000-piece Puzzle

“I was at Arkham Asylum/but I am sane”, “Sirens4Ever”, “Member of Friends of the Hyenas Society” and “Pudding Lover” are just some of the stickers you’ll find adorning Harley Quinn’s oversized mallet if you focus your eyeshadowed peepers on assembling her in this 1,000-piece “Die Laughing” jigsaw puzzle. A variant cover for DC Rebirth by Gotham City Sirens artist Guillen March, this 80s-centric illustration reimagines the villainess with pink pom-pom laced high-tops and a burst of confetti hearts in the background. For ages 9 and up.

Hone in your puzzle piece-fitting punctuality and knock out this list of The Op’s fresh off the cutter collection. Contact your favorite local game store to ask for these by name, or shop The Op site! Have of any these completed already? Share a pic and tag @TheOpGames on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to show off the fruits of your labor!

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