Litter Your Game Night with Nostalgia in MONOPOLY®: Garbage Pail Kids – Available Now

Garbage Pail Kids Monopoly

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” has never been more literal now that the absurdly comical stickers you lovingly hoarded in your youth are making a comeback—this time with the objective of making you disgustingly rich! Flashback to the 80s as you fast track to victory with MONOPOLY: Garbage Pail Kids, available now from The Op!

Capturing the graphic spirit of the cards you used to collect (and keep away from your parents), MONOPOLY: Garbage Pail Kids combines two retro classics in a game you can’t look away from without laughing. The crew of misfortunate, alliteratively named characters are back in your hands as Locations to buy, sell, and trade… making Bankrupt Barneys out of your opponents.

The custom game board features 22 spaces named after Garbage Pail Kids characters, the revolting versions of the 80s’ popular dimply-faced dolls, illustrated by fan favorite GPK artist Joe Simko. Let the wincing and giggles ensue as you place Garbage Cans and Dumpsters on properties such as Adam Bomb, Dead Ted, Ali Gator, New Wave Dave, and Creepy Carol.

Randomly draw both luck and doom with renamed “Never Had a Chance” and “Community Chester” cards. “Adoption Fee” and “Disposal Fee” are appropriate taxes for the unsavory Kids, just keep the exchange of “Booger Bucks” out from under the table.

Six collectible pewter tokens will remind you that it’s trash night as you choose among Swirly Dog Poop, Melting Eyeball, Zit Goo Tube, Fish Bones, Overflowing Garbage Can, and a Guillotine. The detestable situations you’ll find yourself in with this twisted version of the game is bound to bring back memories of rebellious youth, as well as introduce gross-out satire to future generations.

Celebrate 35 years of wishfully disposable fun with MONOPOLY: Garbage Pail Kids, made for 2-6 players, ages 8 and up, from your favorite local game store or shop here on for $39.99. Passing the time solo? Stick together some flames and spit in the details of this “Yuck” Garbage Pail Kids 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, also available for $14.99. 

Share the spoils of your grotesque game nights by posting pics of your finished games with The Op on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by tagging @theopgames and hashtag #GPKMonopoly to be featured on our pages!

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