Corner All the Cash as Others Tread Lightly with MONOPOLY®: Breaking Bad – Available Now

Breaking Bad Monopoly

Dive into the empire business with MONOPOLY®: Breaking Bad – a bespoke spin on the fast-dealing property game! Developed out of a collaboration with Sony Pictures Consumer Products and the Breaking Bad team, this new edition of the game is packed with so much series iconography that fierce competitors might try to throw a pizza onto the roof!

“Walter White described himself as being in the empire business,” said show creator Vince Gilligan. “What better partner could we hope for than the folks behind the original empire building game?” 

The custom Breaking Bad game board features chemistry teacher-turned-kingpin Walter White and his partner-in-crime Jesse Pinkman.  Players can buy, sell and trade 22 key locations from the critically acclaimed series, including the White House, To’Hajiilee, Los Pollos Hermanos and many more. Land on covert operations like Vamonos Pest, Lavanderia Brillante or Best Quality Vacuum to line up Tented Houses and upgrade your operation to SuperLabs. In place of the standard railroad properties are familiar rendezvous spots like the Crystal Palace and Taco Cabeza, for players to make a quick buck (or succumb to untimely busts).

Choose from six custom tokens to embark on your own story.  Take a swim with the Pink Teddy Bear, ring Tio’s bell, or get things cooking with the iconic RV.

Keep up your cover story with Walter White cards (instead of the usual Community Chest pile), while reaping the perks and pitfalls of your criminal enterprise with Heisenberg cards (replacing the classic Chance stack).

MONOPOLY®: Breaking Bad is available now from your favorite local game store or online retailer—no need to request a Dust Filter for your Hoover MaxExtract Pressure Pro Model 60! For other forthcoming Breaking Bad games, keep a floating eyeball on The Op’s Facebook and Twitter, tag #BreakingBadMonopoly for a chance to be featured on our Instagram page, and “Have an A1 day!”

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