What’s in the Box? TRIVIAL PURSUIT®: Horror Ultimate Edition is Headed Your Way

Whether they’re spooky stories we heard as children or based on real world threats, shocking horror movies, books, and TV shows make undyingly good entertainment for those who live for a thrill. And soon, those who claim to have “seen everything” will get to test their deadly knowledge with TRIVIAL PURSUIT®: Horror Ultimate Edition!

Horror Ultimate Trivial Pursuit
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Only the most hardened horror fanatics will dare to play this terrifying edition of the classic trivia game. Players will move around the board to answer questions about their favorite genre to collect wedges and complete the full circle of six to win! 1800 spine-tingling questions let you take on six reference-heavy categories sure to elevate your heart rate: Gore & Disturbing, Psychological, Killer, Monster, Comedy, and Paranormal.

Based on the roll of a color-coded die, players can land on any random category using their choice of a horror-inspired, custom sculpted mover, including a creepy Doll Head, Straitjacket, and Table Saw. Eke out with multiple-choice prompts, or rack your brain to recall disturbing details you’d rather not remember from across all kinds of media: film, TV shows, books, and beyond! Be the first person to get a correct answer in every category to win… or wait for the next séance to earn a seat at the table again.

TRIVIAL PURSUIT®: Horror Ultimate Edition will be for two to six players, ages 17 and up, and available this fall from your favorite local game store for $49.99. Be on high alert for updates on The Op’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to prepare for your next daring game night, as this must-have for hair-raising game collections gets closer!

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