The Mightiest Rivals Meet for Battle This Fall in The Op’s Smash Up: Marvel

HYDRA and The Ultimates Introduced Among Eight Factions to Supercharge the Shufflebuilding

The Avengers and Masters of Evil are Two More Factions You Can Choose in Smash Up: Marvel

Smash Up Marvel

Last year, Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) and Usaopoly (The Op) announced their freshly penned partnership to bring official licenses to AEG’s popular “shufflebuilding” game franchise, Smash Up, this year and beyond. Quickly garnering excitement on social media, followers began anticipating what the new year had in store for their ever-growing collections.

The Op is thrilled to reveal the first license to welcome pop-culture fans into the fold: Smash Up: Marvel!

For hobbyists on the outside of this entertaining fusion of illustrated worlds, Smash Up is a card game designed by Paul Peterson (Pokemon, Magic: The Gathering) that lets competitive archetype enthusiasts face-off for virtual territory, using dream teams that they pair up. These fictional armies, called factions, have comprised everything from campy characters (Kaiju, Disco Dancers) to relatable clichés (Geeks, Rock Stars)—but players of the award-winning title can now celebrate having superheroes and villains of galactic proportions at their disposal.

Smash Up: Marvel will allow seasoned players and newcomers of all ages to join the limitless clashing with comic mainstays, such as the vigilant members of The Ultimates and criminal masterminds HYDRA as two of eight factions leading the charge!

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The Ultimates, HYDRA

Players will be able to employ the character-specific abilities of heroes such as Captain Marvel and Spectrum, or evildoers like Arnim Zola and Red Skull, to accomplish Smash Up’s objective—strategically build your characters’ powers to dominate bases and collect as many victory points as possible! Conceptualized by both AEG and The Op’s game design teams, each faction’s custom traits are respectively inline with the comics and Marvel universe’s storylines.

The Avengers, Masters of Evil

We’ve kept you in suspense since Spring to hear who else’s powers you’ll be using to shuffle-build with the best of them this fall in Smash Up: Marvel, and our followers on social media heard it first this week that The Avengers and Masters of Evil are now among the announced Factions coming to your decks of choice this October! Thor and his prized possession Mjolnir gave fans a sneak peek at just one of the six superheroes and their corresponding Action, while adversary Baron Zemo was shown to rep the threatening opposition. Use him among the other diabolical villains to come up on points and take over the game, or rely on the two-card combos as the secret weapons in your deck. Which Faction would you choose?


Keep an eye on The Op’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get the first word of other forthcoming factions as we reveal two new ones every month, leading up to the release of Smash Up: Marvel this summer. You can stay on top of the whole collection by returning to this page to keep real-time track all the cumulative cards we’ve announced!

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