Command an Energy Clash with the Dragon Ball Z™ Collector’s Chess Set – Available Now

Dragon Ball Z™ Collector’s Chess Set

Your chance to master a classic two-player strategy game featuring your favorite Dragon Ball Z heroes has arrived! Relive the intense moments from the hit anime series in a battle to be the best with the first officially-licensed Dragon Ball Z™ Collector’s Chess Set!

The boldest characters of Toei Animation’s action packed sagas stand in as 32 full color, custom sculpted Chess pieces for anime enthusiasts and gamers of all ages to enjoy. Fans of the tabletop mind sport can engage in a tournament-free challenge with the good side’s Goku as King, Vegeta as Queen, Gohan and Piccolo as Bishops, Gotenks and Future Trunks as Knights, Android 18 and Krillin as Rooks and Super Ghost Kamikaze Pawns. 

Engage a fellow defender to master Side 2 with Buu as King, Cell as Queen, Frieza and Android 19 as Bishops, Raditz and Nappa as Knights, Bojack and Broly as Rooks, and Saibaiman Pawns. Each vinyl plastic bust-style mover rests on white or black bases, marked with 3D symbols for their positions. Find the heads of royalty from both sides through the clear window of an eye-catching, trademark orange box top!

If you weren’t prepared to go Super Saiyan by pre-ordering the GameStop exclusive until now, super charge your way to the nearest store to make sure you elevate your game room with the officially-licensed  Dragon Ball Z™ Collector’s Chess Set today available exclusively at GameStop and EB Games stores!

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