You’re Getting Warmer! Communicate in Colors with Hues and Cues, Coming Soon from The Op

What color do you associate with the word “apple”? Some may picture a delicious deep red, while others might imagine a pale yellow. You’re given another two words: “Granny Smith.” Now, from your knowledge of the puckering fruit used in tarts, you definitely envision a vibrant green. Thanks to the second and more specific hint, you’ve nailed the intended color. This is how you’ll play Hues and Cues, a guessing game of colors and clues from The Op, also known as Usaopoly, this summer!

Hues and Cues board game
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Gather around with three to ten people to play a quick and simple game with a prism of possibilities! First, a “cue giver” hides a specific color they’ve chosen out of a deck of cards. There are 408 shades on the board in front of you! After getting one- and two-word cues, everyone places their marker on which color they think is being described. “Coffee.” Is it dark brown, as in freshly brewed? “Au lait.” With milk. That means I should pick a lighter shade!

Use examples from everyday life, from nature to pop culture, or materials and moods. Everyone around the table gets a turn to give cues and guess. The better your hints or guesses, the more points you earn. Play off others experiences to narrow down what they have in mind!

“What draws people in to playing Hues and Cues is the same thing that sets it apart from more analytical guessing games,” says Tony Serebriany, Director of Inventor Relations and International Sales at The Op. “Colors evoke emotions and make us curious, and the ultimate reward is the connection from relating to others with the same feelings and objectives.”

Designed by Scott Brady and developed by The Op, Hues and Cues challenges you to find new ways to associate words with color. Not just for artists or teachers—anyone can play to appreciate the different ways we see the world! Look for the kaleidoscopic box top from the shelves of your favorite local game store this summer for $24.99.

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