Collectible Dealer Buttons & Dealer Coin Sets

History of the Dealer Button

If you were lucky enough to pick up one of the collectible poker dealer coin sets, you may have noticed a striking, intricately designed metal coin accompanying your decks. This dealer coin, also known as a dealer button, lammer, or “The Buck,” is used in a variety of card games. However, it is most closely associated with poker. The dealer coin is often struck with an emblem from the art in its card decks, and is usually made of metal with captivating sculpted details.

Dealer coins have a variety of uses. In the game of poker, the right to deal a hand typically rotates among players, and the Dealer Button marks who is dealing. In casino play, a house dealer handles the cards, but a lammer is often used to indicate a credit line or money in transit. In broader card games (in addition to poker), a dealer coin can be used as a marker to hold down cards so they are not accidentally discarded. At its core, a dealer coin is a collectible piece of art that makes a nice display piece representing iconography from your favorite movie, TV show or video game.

It’s unclear when the dealer coin was first introduced in the game of poker, but it is commonly believed that poker was first played in New Orleans in the early 1800s, and then spread throughout the states via Mississippi steamboats.

Collectible Dealer Sets

Court of the Dead Playing Cards dealer set

Court of the Dead Dealer Set

Rise. Conquer. Rule the table when you play your favorite card games with this Court of the Dead Playing Card set. Cards features artwork from the Bone, Flesh and Spirit factions along with intriguing character artwork. A collectible dealer coin completes the set.

Game of Thrones Playing Cards dealer set

Game of Thrones Dealer Set

The Game of Thrones Premium Dealer Set includes one deck of richly illustrated playing cards featuring art from the Beautiful Death series while the Three-Eyed Raven indicates the dealer position in cast metal.

Destiny Playing Cards dealer set

Destiny Dealer Set

Set in the expansive universe of Destiny, this 52 card premium dealer set reflects iconic characters and places from the game, while the ‘Strange Coin’, cast in metal, indicates the dealer position. Rise, Guardian, and defend the Light.

Now, the next time your friends break out a dealer set of beautifully illustrated playing cards, you will know what the accompanying coin is used for. After all, it’s great to be playing with a full deck. And now, with your new found knowledge, you won’t get lost in the shuffle!

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