Bring Bravery and Nostalgia to the Table with Talisman: Disney Kingdom Hearts Edition – Available Now

The mystery and wonder of one of the most memorable franchises of all time is going home with Disney and gaming fans today in the form of a new vessel. The highly anticipated and fantastical collection-bound creation Talisman: Disney Kingdom Hearts Edition is here!

Brought to life by a partnership between The Op Games|usaopoly and Games Workshop Ltd, the sentimental pairing of digital and analog IPs puts players in the shoes of their favorite Disney Kingdom Hearts characters such as Sora, Kairi, Riku, King Mickey and others for a unique twist on the adventure hobby game known for gathering RPG enthusiasts around the globe. 

Through its immersive tabletop experience, Talisman: Disney Kingdom Hearts offers a new way for loyalists of the Square Enix video game series to enjoy its nostalgic spirit and stunning visuals.  2-6 players must defend unprotected worlds from attack by The Heartless by conquering three levels: The Realm Between, The Realm of Light, and The End of the World, through which they must collect Strength and Magic to seal the Door to Darkness and protect the Destiny Islands. 

Trailing the Disney Kingdom Hearts franchise’s 17thanniversary, the game also carries on the delight of attendees who experienced its playable preview at this year’s Gen Con. The set’s skillfully crafted components include 11 custom playable miniatures of Goofy, Donald, Aqua and more, an artful gameboard boasting familiar Kingdom Hearts locations such as Never Land, Traverse Town, Atlantica, and Olympus Coliseum, as well as 250+ Cards & Objects that capture and influence the game’s signature unpredictable outcomes.

Talisman: Disney Kingdom Hearts is the second of two licensed titles to come of the collaboration between The Op and Games Workshop, continuing a tradition of bringing fans together to celebrate time-honored heroes and their mission to battle for the greater good. 

Take home Talisman: Disney Kingdom Hearts and relive the surprise, laughter and endearing fun with friends and family just in time for the holiday season! The game is now available from your favorite local game store or online retailer! 

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