Rise. Conquer. Rule the Underworld with Court of the Dead: Mourners Call – Available Now

Heaven and Hell have been engaged in a celestial war that enslaves all of existence, requiring the harvest of etherea from human souls to use as fuel for their ongoing battle. Caught in the constant imbalance of good and evil, the Alltaker of the Underworld, also known as Death, assembles a council called The Court of the Dead to try and control the fate of this destructive power struggle.

Court of the Dead Mourner's Call

You are a recently abandoned soul, recruited by Death to aid in overthrowing these ultimate forces, and the time has come for your contribution to the army. Help Death end the war from the tabletop with Court of the Dead: Mourners Call—brought to you by Sideshow and The Op Games—and pledge yourself to the factions of Flesh, Bone, or Spirit today!

The retail edition of this highly anticipated game lets fans who missed last year’s 5-hour crowdfunding window to get in on the same nail-biting, conflict-resolving intensity of the Kickstarter exclusive. The affordable collection of high-quality components and meticulous artwork created by Sideshow’s Tom Gilliland welcomes players to unify the Underworld in this challenge of strategy and integrity.

Gather a group of 2-4 to work for points in the form of Unity tokens, which are awarded for selfless actions, faction influence, and hidden objectives. Players will recruit various Mourners cards and Guild figures to their team and deploy them into Illverness, the city of the dead, to control key locations and reap the benefits for either themselves or on behalf of their faction. Through making crucial decisions between self-serving objectives vs. honorable cooperation, the player with the most power and influence at the end of the game wins. 

Court of the Dead: Mourners Call Retail Edition comes with more than 360 game components in a premium tray. Thick chipboard tokens take place of the metal tokens of the Kickstarter version in order to maintain the same depth of the gameplay, but with more accessibility for future fans and friends to learn and join in on the quest.

Go to Sideshow’s official website to learn more about other The Court of the Dead releases and news, and check out awesome videos on how to play solo variants of Court of the Dead: Mourners Call on Board Game Geek once you’ve picked up your copy at your favorite local game store!

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