8 New Years Eve Party Games to Start Your 2020 Right

Can you believe the start of a whole new decade is right around the corner? With the 2020s about to begin, there’s never been a better time to get together with family and the amazing friends you’ve made over the years to welcome a new year and a fresh start together. 

Whether you’re hosting or attending a New Years celebration this year, we invite you to bring 2019 to a close and ring in 2020 with an exciting game night that will keep everyone entertained and laughing until midnight. 

Here are some of our most popular tabletop experiences of the decade that are bound to be hit New Years Eve party games at your gathering! 

Blank Slate

Blank Slate Board Game

NEW ____. What word would you use to complete the phrase? 

In Blank Slate, players must write the word they believe best completes the phrase while trying to match with another player. If you write the same word as someone else in your party without any clues, you both win points! If not, you get nothing! 

With over 250 word cue cards and 500 total prompts to choose from, you’ll be set for a full game night this New Years Eve! Learn more about Blank Slate and don’t forget to pick it up from your local game store, Target, or online today! 


Match-O-Rama Board Game

Match-O-Rama is one of the newest and best New Year’s Eve activities, mostly because it requires players to press their luck in order to score points! Try to predict how others around the table will answer the prompt. If your answer falls within a specific range of people, your score will climb. Miss, however, and you could get left behind! 

Match-O-Rama is easy to learn and quick to play, getting you familiar with the game in no time so players can have hours of fun, so visit our website to learn more today and bring it home just in time for New Year’s Eve! 

Astro Trash

Astro Trash Board Game

Recognized by Mensa Mind Games and Creative Child Magazine, this award-winning roll-and-fling tabletop game has earned a spot among the top New Year’s Eve games for the family. 

In Astro Trash, each player must get rid of all the Trash on their play mat at the expense of the players to their left and right. Players simultaneously roll three dice and rapidly move the “trash” according to the direction, quantity, and color indicated on the dice. The result is an exciting, loud, and chaotic dash to be the first “trash-free” planet in the galaxy. 

Learn more about Astro Trash and don’t forget to bring it to the New Year’s party this year! 


Telestrations Board Game

With over a million copies sold, it’s no wonder Telestrations is one of the go-to choices for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day games! 

Your family and friends will be entertained all-night-long with over 1,700 words to choose from in this draw and pass game. Simply draw what you see and then guess what you saw for hilarious and unpredictable outcomes.

Stop by our website to learn more about Telestrations today. Inviting the entire family? No problem! Try Telestrations 12 Player: The Party Pack so everyone can play together! 

Tapple® – Fast Word Fun for the Whole Family!

Tapple Board Game

This family party game is so fun and easy-to-learn, gamers of all ages will want to play! The award-winning, fast-paced word game will give your family and friends a rush of excitement as they compete to beat the timer! 

Simply pick a category, say a word that fits, tap the first letter of the word, then pass the Tapple wheel. No spelling required! And so much fun, kids don’t even realize they are learning!

Learn more about Tapple or visit your local game store to make it one of your staple New Year’s Eve party games. 

CODENAMES: Disney Family Edition

Disney Codenames Board Game

The magical world of Disney meets the popular social word game in CODENAMES: Disney Family Edition! 

Two Cluemasters give one-word clues to help their teammates identify the Disney characters, locations and items from a 25 card game grid. Including both pictures and words, it’s family fun for Disney fans of all ages.

Find CODENAMES: Disney Family Edition online or at your local game store today! 

New Years Eve Party Games for Adults

The kids are asleep! If you’re looking for a more “uncensored” way to end 2019 with fun and laughter, here are some great recommendations from The Op Games! 

Telestrations®: After Dark

Telestrations After Dark Board Game

Everything’s better “After Dark!” Telestrations After Dark is the adults only version of the #1 LOL party game, Telestrations. 

Draw what you see then guess what you saw for hilarious, weird, irresponsible and just plain wrong outcomes. Telestrations After Dark is “adults only” miscommunication at its best!

Get ready for a full night of “LOL” fun with Telestrations: After Dark

The Privacy® Game

Privacy Board Game

With The Privacy Game, you can start a new decade learning plenty of details about your fellow party members! 

Players anonymously answer outrageous and depraved questions by securing “Yes” or “No” votes, then predict how many total “Yes” answers were submitted. Points are awarded to the players who guess correctly. Tell the truth or plead the fifth while using your deduction skills to learn what you’ve always wanted to know about your friends.

Start your new year with The Privacy Game, available now online and at your local Target! 

Thanks for playing in 2019 and we’re looking forward to a whole new year of fun and games! Until then, feel free to explore our wide library of exciting tabletop games, puzzles, and more! 

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