Celebrate 30 Years of Your Favorite Animated Family with MONOPOLY®: The Simpsons

Don’t have a cow, man—the nuclear cartoon family that debuted as a short on the Tracy Ullman Show has been a full-fledged sitcom success for 30 years, and The Op has the perfect game for fans of The Simpsons just in time for their own dysfunctional family get-togethers this holiday season. MONOPOLY®: The Simpsons is now available!

Mirroring the subtle variants spotted in every episode’s opening sequence, this version of MONOPOLY®: The Simpsons offers fans even more nuance as it makes its return into the family game night rotation. The commemorative 30-year release boasts six gold-plated tokens which represent more than the show’s namesake family members, a collection of usual and unusual suspects: a costumed Homer as the Monorail Conductor, hometown hero Jebediah Springfield, tri-ocular fish Blinky, and Planet Rigel VII’s resident Kang to name a few. Also up for grabs is Bart for players with a rep for being rude, or the immortal Santa’s Little Helper, the festively named family pet!

The custom illustrated gameboard depicts Springfield’s emerging Monorail inciting an economic fervor among the all-American town’s inhabitants, and its hotspots are now prime real estate. Instead of Houses and Hotels, players stack up Monorail Stops and Monorail Stations on top-dollar spaces like Burns Manor and Springfield Glen Country Club. Find transports such as Shelbyville Express and North Haverbook Express as the railroad spaces and pay rent for Utilities: the Springfield Dam and Nuclear Power Plant.

Traditionally named Community Chest and Chance cards offer familiar scenarios such as inheritance or hospital fees, flanked between gameboard art featuring the infamous railway (the basis of early 90’s episode “Marge vs. The Monorail”) and Jebediah Springfield’s landmark in the center of the board’s birds-eye-view of the town.

Count on a different member of The Simpsonson the face of each custom Monopoly money increment (except for Mr. Burns, whose sneering face commandeers the $500 bill) as you pay up “Legitimate Businessman’s Protection Tax” and the “First Church of Springfield Offering Plate.” Just be sure that you’re the last player with any money before laughing at your opponents with a Nelson-like “HA-haa!” 

Make a familial bum-rush to the living room and take a nostalgic trip that goes back 31 seasons. MONOPOLY®: The Simpsons is available now from your favorite local game store or online retailer! Woo-hoo!

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