Battle to Save the Wizarding World with Harry Potter™: Death Eaters™ Rising – Available Now

Usaopoly’s newest addition to its popular Rising game series is a battle against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and a chance for the bravest witches and wizards to become legends. Harry Potter™: Death Eaters™ Rising is available for friends to defend the Wizarding World from darkness today!

Harry Potter™: Death Eaters™ Rising

From its menacing custom-sculpted centerpiece to the myriad selection of beloved characters, Harry Potter: Death Eaters Rising draws you and other do-gooders in for the face-off with Voldemort™ that fans have been waiting for. The cooperative dice and card game lets gamers, collectors, and movie-goers of all skill levels try their hand using the game mechanic made popular by The Op’s flagship release of 2018, Thanos Rising—Avengers: Infinity War.

Whereas players previously took on the role of their favorite MCU heroes in a power struggle to protect six coveted Infinity Stones, this unique challenge based on Harry Potter andThe Order of the Phoenix™ takes place in the storyline of the fifth movie where the rivalry has culminated at the Ministry of Magic. Voldemort and his evildoing Death Eaters are posing a mounting threat to the Wizarding community, and players must combine their powers against the cloaked foes to defeat the Dark Lord to win.

Fight against the enemies on behalf of three Factions and their respective starting heroes: Dumbledore’s Army (students such as Harry Potter™ and Hermione Granger™), Hogwarts (Albus Dumbledore™ and Minerva McGonagall™), and The Order of the Phoenix (Sirius Black™ and Nymphadora Tonks™), providing greater options for players to ensure the factions of their choice are in play. Olivander’s™ Wand Shop, Hogshead Inn, Gringotts™ Bank, and Dept of Mysteries set the locations that must be protected from corruption. Combine strength and strategy to stop the spread of dark influence and overcome evil once and for all!

Harry Potter: Death Eaters Rising includes more than 150+ game components including the sculpture of Lord Voldemort, 6 Headquarters Cards, 14 Wizard Dice, 1 8-sided Voldemort die, 24 Spell Tokens, Corruption and Damage counters, and more. Dare to rise to the challenge and pick up the collectible blue and white sleeved game box from your favorite local game store!

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